D-Day 75th Anniversary

UP FRONT by Bill Mauldin

Editor's Note: This story was written by an 11-year-old visiting Normandy, France for the first time.
In May, 2018 Henry Tamblin and his daughter found Bernard Sandler’s Army dogtag on a beach near where they live in Cornwall, England. Bernard Sandler, born January 19, 1912, was a soldier in the U.S. Army during World War II, stationed in Cornwall.
WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Jimmy Farmer Sr. sat in front of the crowd gathered at the French Embassy in Washington, looking spiffy in his dark blue jacket, white shirt and patriotic tie.
Six thousand feet below, troops surged over the beaches of France and against Hitler's Atlantic Wall, and as the first black dots moved over the white sand a gunner said over the interphone: "Jesus Christ! At last."
Early on June 6, 1944, an armada of warships and landing craft headed toward the coast of Normandy, France, and the night sky was filled with a swarm of more than 3,000 airplanes and gliders.
I hear the sounds of a military march in my mind every time I see my son in uniform. I have been proud of my son from the day he was born, but I experience a different kind of pride now. I thought that I understood what serving your country and freedom meant … and then my son became a soldier and...
EUGENE, Ore. (Tribune News Service) — Sallylou Bonzer has seen enough for several lifetimes.
She saw the coast of Normandy as a captain of one of the first nursing units to come ashore following the D-Day invasion.
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