Welcome to Sigonella! Here is your one-stop checklist once you’ve arrived at your new home:
In America, breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years of bad luck, while knocking on wood prevents such luck. Curious to know what superstitions Europeans believe in? Check out this list and see if you see the locals adhere to these rules during your travels!  
Whether you are stationed in Italy or exploring its world-famous sites on vacation, you will need to be prepared to communicate in the event of an emergency. The following phrases will help you speak to the locals when you are trying to say, “I need help!” 
As things start to settle down with your move to Germany, it’s best to immerse yourself into the culture as soon as you can.
With summer move notifications filling up email inboxes, it’s safe to say the impending permanent change of station (PCS) season is about to roar to life.
“My English is under the pig!” you hear your German neighbor say one day when you’re outside enjoying a moment of spring sunshine before it unexpectedly begins hailing. “That’s April weather,” your neighbor remarks.
The last semester of a high school senior year is full of excitement — colleges and universities send out admissions offers; students graduate and head off into the great unknown of their future. However, being stationed overseas can present its own set of unique challenges.
As exciting as living in Europe can be, the honeymoon phase tends to fade away for most spouses once they’ve realized how difficult it can be to progress in their career field.
Marriage is difficult, even under normal circumstances. Time and life test the bonds of even the strongest couples. Trying to keep a marriage afloat while subjecting it to the demands of the military is a whole different ball game. For many, it can strengthen your relationship.
Ready to learn German? Local nationals will appreciate that you are attempting to speak their native language. Remember, practice makes perfect! 
Last year, Catherine started a new job. It wasn’t a full-time position, but after years of unemployment, it was a personal milestone. With five previous PCSes ranging from Germany to Philadelphia, Catherine was finally able to focus on her own career.
For some people, it is so hard to leave your friends and family behind as you embark on your military career or you move to be with a servicemember.
Even though many military youth try to cover it up, not think about it and NEVER talk about it, most kids worry something will happen to their mom or dad while they're deployed. You can make yourself kind of crazy worrying about them.
For newly minted military spouses, the reality of what lies ahead can feel daunting. The path ahead is full of unknowns. As a military spouse of almost 20 years, I reached out to my friends and family to see what they would say to themselves as a new spouse.
Birthing our second child, with the exceptional support of San Bortolo Hospital and our Vicenza Health Community, is an experience we will always cherish. Birthing a child, while navigating living abroad as well as a global pandemic, requires trust in the resources and community around you.