I don’t think that’s what it means: British vs. American English

October 18, 2018
Living in England has its perks — stunning castles and palaces, rolling green hills and beautiful countryside, only being a stone’s throw from London, and of course, not having to...

11 tips to help you shop like a German

October 06, 2018
When you first move to Germany, you are completely overwhelmed with the new place, new culture and new language. It’s a bit intimidating to say the least.

From drab to fab

October 13, 2018
Whether you love it or hate it, moving is a big part of being a military spouse. On top of the constant moves, there are the occasional less than ideal living circumstances you’ll...

Shopping in Germany: What you need to know

October 17, 2018
Shopping on the economy can be exciting for many, but it can also leave you feeling pretty lost trying to navigate through the foreign language and different customs.

Quirky European superstitions

October 19, 2018
In America, breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years of bad luck, while knocking on wood prevents such luck. Curious to know what superstitions Europeans believe in?

Fostering lifelong friendships

October 15, 2018
Moving to Europe was only the beginning of our adventure when my husband and I arrived. Transferring from our last base to a new unit and country was also challenge.
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