Motorcycle safety in Germany

August 07, 2018
To obtain a motorcycle endorsement on a USAREUR, SETAF, SHAPE or USAFE-issued license, military personnel, dependents and civilians must be at least 18, have a motorcycle...

The art of using VAT forms

August 13, 2018
Thinking back to when I first found out about Value Added Tax (VAT) forms, the first thing that came to mind was, “Now I can buy more stuff!” It didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t...
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LinkedIn Premium now FREE for milspouses

August 05, 2018
Trying to maintain a career or find a new job with the uncertainty that comes with being a military spouse is hard. There are moves, deployments and last-minute orders galore!

How to choose the best dog food

August 14, 2018
Dog owners are encountered with an ever-growing number of different dog foods. However, finding a good quality food that is appealing to your pup and within your budget is harder...

5 free ways to learn German

August 07, 2018
Moving to a new country is scary, moving to a country where you don't speak the language is even scarier. The good news is, with today's technology and resources there are plenty...

Staying in contact across time zones

August 10, 2018
Whether you’ve been in Europe for a while now or you’re a newcomer, knowing the drill of keeping up with friends and family in different time zones is tricky.
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