Services when you’re housebound near Vicenza

Services when you’re housebound near Vicenza

by Stacy Roman
Stripes Europe

Having major surgery, an unforeseen illness or debilitating injury can often lead to a hospital stay followed by a lengthy recuperation at home. Often these types of recoveries leave patients homebound or restricted in movement. It can be overwhelming trying to coordinate follow-up appointments, grocery shopping, pet care and other daily tasks – especially in a foreign country. However, there is plenty of help available while you get back on your feet again.


Not being able get behind the wheel can be frustrating and leave you feeling as though you’re at the mercy of others for rides. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Download the MyTaxi app on any smartphone. Similar to Uber and Lyft (neither of which are available in the Vicenza region), MyTaxi allows you to book the nearest cab, monitor their whereabouts to estimate arrival and get a notification when they’ve arrived.

Medication Delivery

If you’re unable to make it to the pharmacy to pick up medications, Vicenza is located within the delivery radius for Pharmap ( – a pharmacy delivery service. Simply download the Pharmap onto your smartphone and upload a photo of the paper script to the app. A messenger will stop by to collect the original prescription, take it to the pharmacy to be filled and return with your filled medications.

Visiting Nurses

While not as common in Italy, visiting nurses can come to your home and assist with various medical tasks. Available for local nationals or those working on the Italian economy, these medical professionals are usually called upon for serious illnesses. Check with your local provider to see if this may be needed for your condition.

Grocery Delivery

If you’re homebound, a simple trip to the grocery store may be off the table or just plain exhausting. Thankfully, there are plenty of delivery options in the Vicenza area. Most major grocers, such as Esselunga and Coop, offer online ordering and delivery right to your door. Other online options include Supermercato24 ( and Cicalia (

Food Delivery

Cooking may seem a bit daunting when you’re recovering and housebound. With the food delivery scene expanding exponentially, there are plenty of delicious local eateries willing to deliver. Apps and websites such as Deliveroo (, Glovo and Just Eat ( partner with restaurants to provide fresh and tasty food right to your door.

Cleaning and Yard Services

Sometimes a little tidy up around the house and a freshly-cut lawn can brighten the spirits when you’re on quarters. There are many local cleaning and yard care professionals ready to offer their services. Be sure to thoroughly vet local companies on sites such as Google and Yelp to ensure good reviews and practices.

Pet Care

Looking after Fifi or Fido can cause a bit of a conundrum if you’re relegated to your home. Enlist the help of younger neighbors, or check out sites such as ( or ( to assist with your furry family members.

Being a homebound patient can prove difficult, even under the best circumstances. Reaching out to helping agencies or seeking out a little extra assistance can help ease the frustration and might help aid a quicker recovery.

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