One-stop checklist for PCSing to Italy

One-stop checklist for PCSing to Italy

by Stripes Europe Staff
Stripes Europe

Welcome to Italy! Here is your one-stop checklist once you’ve arrived at your new home in Italy:


Attend in-processing and newcomers’ briefings.

Attend newcomer orientation.

Get your codice fiscale.

Get your soggiorno.

Ensure no-fee passport has SOFA stamp.

Obtain a tourist passport if planning to travel outside of Italy.

Enroll in TRICARE and complete medical in processing.

Sign up for an APO box, if your sponsor has not already done so.

Visit Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) or Army Community Service (ACS)

for transition assistance.


Determine entitlements with Finance Office.

Withdraw euros.

Research online bill-pay options.

Contact U.S. banks to close accounts, as needed.


Schedule and study for driver’s exam.

Pass exam and get AFI license.

Pick up a copy of the Stripes Road Guide.

Get rental car.

When car arrives or is purchased, get insurance, register and pass inspection.

Enroll in fuel ration program.

Obtain International License.


Establish TLA and OHA.

Prioritize needs and wants.

Visit Housing Office for list of approved homes.

Schedule appointments to tour homes.

Ensure Housing Office inspects property and reviews contract.

Sign paperwork after review by Housing Office.

Establish utilities with UTAP Office or with the Home Fuels Office (Aviano Air Base only).

Sign up for communication services (read contracts carefully).

Purchase liability and home insurance.

Contact FMO and browse A&FRC/ACS lending closet, thrift stores, flea markets and classic needs for household items.


Add emergency numbers to cell phone.

Establish relationships with local medical providers.


Have vaccination records, transcripts, PCS orders, passports and birth certificates readily available.

Contact Enrollment Office to begin application process for DODEA-Europe.

Contact SLO for information about home schooling, referrals and transition assistance.

Visit installation child care facilities to apply and get on waitlist.

Ensure vaccinations are current and schedule wellness exams.


Register pet at installation vet clinic.

Find Italian vet clinic that provides emergency care.

Maintain annual rabies vaccinations during overseas tour.

Get updated ID tags with local contact information.

Obtain pet passport.

Purchase pet insurance (including liability).

Use monthly flea/tick preventive medication.

Find a boarding center or pet sitter.

Understand and adhere to local Italian pet laws.


Update resume and research job/volunteer opportunities.

Visit Education Center to learn about course offerings.


Make copies of important phone numbers and program cell phone.

Start recycling according to local requirements.

Adjust routines to observe quiet hours.

Learn basic Italian phrases.

Get to know your neighbors.

Join spouses’ clubs, Italian-American clubs or other activities.

Plan trips to explore Europe with the help of

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