How to enrich your career and education in England

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Just because you are moving overseas for your spouse's career does not mean you have to give up your dreams of working or pursuing higher education.  There are plenty of resources in England to help you take the next step forward. Check out this helpful list of resources for job postings and education centers in your area.

Human resources office/dependent employment 

Employment opportunities will vary from base to base, so check with your local human resources office. Appropriated Fund (APF) positions will require you to register with USA JobsNon-Appropriated Funds (NAF) positions may also be available. For positions with AAFES, visit Shop My Exchange

To work on the economy, dependents will need a visa that allows them to stay in the country, as well as an Inland Revenue National Insurance Number. To apply for this number, call 08456-00-0643. You will be required to provide evidence of your identity either via mail or through an interview. You will need official documents that confirm your identity (passport, marriage certificate, etc.). An official will tell you what documents are required for your specific case. Check with your local Airman and Family Readiness Center for more assistance. 

Higher education 

Education centers are available in England, offering field offices and testing centers for some of the universities that have agreements with the DOD. Classes may also be available on site. 

RAF Alconbury Education Center 

•   DSN: 314-268-3306

•   Commercial: 011-44-01480-84-3306 

RAF Croughton Education Center 

•   DSN: 314-236-8132

•   Commercial: 011-44-1280-70-8132 

RAF Lakenheath Education Center 

•   DSN: 314-226-3851

•   Commercial:  011-44-01638-52-3851 

RAF Mildenhall Education Center 

•   DSN: 314-238-2350

•   Commercial:  011-44-01638-54-2350 

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