Helpful Italian phrases for emergencies

Helpful Italian phrases for emergencies

by Stripes Europe
Stripes Europe

Whether you are stationed in Italy or exploring its world-famous sites on vacation, you will need to be prepared to communicate in the event of an emergency. The following phrases will help you speak to the locals when you are trying to say, “I need help!” 

Do you speak English?

Parli inglese? 

“par-lee in-gle-ze”

I need help.

Ho bisogno d’aiuto.

“ho bee-zo-nee-yo d’eye-you-toe”

My car has broken down.

La mia auto non funziona.

“Lah meeha au-toe non foon-zee-ona”

I am currently at… 

Mi trovo a…

“mee tro-vo ah”

I have had an accident.

Ho avuto un incidente.

“ho ah-voo-toe oon een-chee-dent-te”

There has been an accident.

C’e stato un incidente.

“chee eh sta-toe oon een-chee-dent-te”

Can you please send the police?

Chiamate la polizia per favore?

“key-a-mate la pol-ee-zee-ah per fah-vor-eh”

Can you please send me an ambulance?

Chiamate l’ambulanza per favore?

“key-a-mate l’am-boo-lahn-zah per fah-vor-eh”

I have been injured.

Sono ferito.

“so-no fe-ree-toe”

There are injured persons requiring immediate help.

Ci sono persone ferite che hanno bisogno d’aiuto.

“chee so-no per-son-a fe-ree-te ke ah-no bee-zo-nee-yo d’eye-you-toe”

The injured person is unconscious.

La persona ferita e’ svenuta/ha perso i sensi. 

“la per-son-a fe-ree-tah eh sven-oo-tah/a per-so ee sen-see”

The injured person is bleeding. 

La persona ferita sta sanguinando.

“la per-son-a stah sahg-wee-nan-do”

Someone has hit my car. 

Qualcuno ha urtato la mia auto.

“qual-koo-no hah oor-tah-toe lah meeah-o au-to”

Someone has hit my car and left the scene of the accident.

Qualcuno ha urtato la mia auto e ha lasciato la scena dell’incidente.

“qual-koo-no hah oor-tah-toe lah meeah-o au-to-eh hah la-shee-ah-toe la sheh-nah”

Can you please send me a tow truck?

Chiamate un carro attrezzi per favore?

“key-a-mate oon carro att-rezzi per fa-vor-reh”

I work for the U.S. military.

Lavoro per i militari degli Stati Uniti. 

“la-vo-ro per ee mee-lee-tar-ee de-yee Stah-tee U-nee-tee”

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