Helpful apps that'll keep you connected during your PCS to Germany

Helpful apps that'll keep you connected during your PCS to Germany

by Stripes Europe
Stripes Europe

Get organized, learn the language and make yourself at home with these tablet and smartphone apps.


  • XE Currency - Calculates euro prices in U.S. dollars.
  • ConvertPad - Changes metric measurements to the imperial system.

German language:

  • Google translate – Uses your device’s camera to translate menus, signs and paperwork.
  • Duolingo – Fun and interactive way to learn German.
  • Learn German for Kids – Great and easy way for children to learn German.


  • Waze - Highly rated for directions and current traffic. It also detects speeding cameras. 
  • Google maps - Perfect for displaying current traffic.


  • - Keeps track of moving expenses, financial goals and upcoming bill payments.
  • Local banking institution’s app - Service Credit Union, Community Bank and Andrews Federal Credit Union.


  • Stars and Stripes – Get the latest news affecting your family as well as sports, classifieds, DODEA updates and entertainment.


  • AFN Europe – Get the latest scoop on weather, traffic and road conditions.


  • DB Navigator – Helps you learn to master the German train system.

Video Chat:

  • Skype – Connects you to friends and family everywhere.

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