Health care services in England

Health care services in England

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If you experience a medical emergency while you are stationed in England, help can be found nearby, either on base or off. The main medical facility for servicemembers in England is the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath. However, other medical facilities are available throughout the country. 

In case of an emergency, dial 911 if on base or 999 off base. While off base, you can also call 111 for less urgent medical attention. For more information about 111, visit


TRICARE Overseas Program 

On-base facilities

RAF Alconbury 

Medical Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-268-4503

•   Commercial: 01480-84-4503 

Dental Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-268-4585

•   Commercial: 01480-84-4585 

RAF Croughton 

Medical Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-236-8737 (Option 1)

•   Commercial: 01280-70-8737 (Option 1)

Dental Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-236-8737 (Option 2)

•   Commercial: 01280-70-8737 (Option 2)

RAF Lakenheath 

•   Hospital (24-hour emergency room) 

•   DSN: 314-226-8010

•   Commercial: 01638-52-8010 

RAF Menwith Hill 

Medical Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-262-7968

•   Commercial: 01423-77-7968 

Dental Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-262-7836

•   Commercial: 01423-77-7836 

RAF Mildenhall 

Dental Clinic 

•   DSN: 314-238-2273

•   Commercial: 01638-54-2273 

Off-base facilities 

Newmarket Community Hospital 

•   Near RAFs Lakenheath, Mildenhall and Feltwell 

•   Commercial: 01638-558-400 

Hinchingbrooke Hospital 

•   Near RAFs Alconbury and Molesworth 

•   Commercial: 01480-41-6416 

Horton General Hospital 

•   Near RAF Croughton 

•   Commercial: 01295-27-5500 

Harrogate District Hospital 

•   Near RAF Menwith Hill 

•   Commercial: 01423-88-5959 

NOTE: If you have an emergency, call for emergency services. This listing does not constitute an endorsement of these hospitals. 

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