Health and dental care in Sigonella

Health and dental care in Sigonella

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During your time in Sigonella, you're going to need to see a doctor and dentist. Depending on the specialty services you might require, you may need to be referred off-installation for medical services.


Host-nation patient liaisons act as intermediaries between patients and doctors to help facilitate the best care possible. From assisting with the language barrier and insurance forms, to providing comfort to clients, patient liaisons can help you feel at ease in the medical surroundings.

Getting a patient liaison

The patient liaison program is available through TRICARE (at the hospital).  This program is open to all ID cardholders, including non-TRICARE members.


The emergency room at the U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella is always open. For emergency response, call 624-9111 or 095-86-9111.

Be prepared

  • For all emergencies—on or off base—always dial emergency dispatch at 095-86-1911.
  • Off-base health emergencies will be treated at an Italian local hospital with translation services provided by dispatch.
  • Always carry a list of your current medications, known allergies, as well as your insurance card, ID card and local currency.

U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella

The hospital, located on NAS I, sees dependents and all activity duty service members assigned to the hospital at the Medical Home Port Clinic. All other active duty service members are assigned to the Flight Line Clinic on NAS II. To make an appointment, call 095-56-2273 or 624-2273

If eligible, please sign up for Tricare overseas at the Tricare office at the hospital.

  • DSN: 624-4880/4878, 4087,
  • DSN: 4635/4848 (SUPERVISOR)


The Dental Clinic on NAS II sees active duty service members who are assigned to the installation. The dental clinic at the NAS I hospital can see dependents.

For information about TDP enrollment, claims or covered benefits, visit the TDP website,

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