Getting a ride in Italy

Getting a ride in Italy

by Stripes Europe Staff
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  • Ship your vehicle 6 to 8 weeks before you PCS to ensure it gets there soon after your arrival to Italy.
  • Decide between selling your other vehicles, keeping them in storage or leaving them with a friend or family member.
  • A max of three vehicles are allowed per active duty member along with their dependents during their tour in Italy.


Call your installation’s specific office for driver’s testing. Be sure to ask about test days and times – each installation varies.

What to bring to get your AFI license:

  • U.S. driver’s license that does not expire before your DEROS.
  • PCS orders/DOCPERS MFR (contractors)/Logistical Support Letter (DOD civilians)


You have the option to buy a new or used car from dealers and private sellers in Italy. There is no tax when buying a vehicle from another military member.

Keep in mind:

  • Any vehicle that doesn’t have U.S. specifications (specs) cannot be shipped out due to authorization.
  • Used automatic transmission vehicles may be more difficult to find.
  • Get approval through a bona fide financial institution if financing a vehicle.


If you want to ride a motorcycle while in Italy, you must have a motorcycle classification on your U.S. license, have an AFI license, attend a motorcycle safety course and be at least 18 years old. Motorcyclists can only operate a motorcycle of 35 kW or less.


Each vehicle is required to be inspected annually. Ensure that your vehicle always has the required equipment at all times, not just for its annual inspection.

Required equipment for inspection:

  • Vehicle registration.
  • First-aid kit, warning triangle and reflective vest.
  • During winter: winter or all-season tires, designated with a snowflake or “M+S” (Mud+Snow) symbol.


Contact your installation’s specific office for vehicle registration days and times.

What to bring to register your vehicle:

-POV Registration application

-AFI/SETAF drivers license

-U.S. license

-Military ID

-Shipping document

-Proof of ownership

-PCS orders/DOCPERS MFR (contractors)/ Logistical support letter (DOD civilians)

-Funds to cover the registration fee and applicable road tax for a second vehicle to include motorcycles.

-Automobile insurance

Note: It’s always best to call your installation’s vehicle registration office ahead of time to ensure you’re bringing all necessary documents.


 NATO Forces Fuel Card

  • The NATO Forces Fuel Card allows you to pay for fuel at the current tax-free price at the time of purchase.
  • The vehicle's engine size, engine base, horsepower and fuel requirement determines the ration amount.
  • The card is accepted at ENI/AGIP stations.
  • To use the card at the gas station, swipe or insert the card and enter your secure PIN code.
  • Visit local AAFES to start the registration process.
  • Download registration forms before registration appointment to save time.
  • Fuel transactions will be billed to the payment method provided during registration.
  • You will receive a bi-weekly invoice as well as a monthly statement.

Where to get gas

  • There are no gas stations on any U.S. military installation in Italy.
  • Only two Italian gas stations will take your gas vouchers: AGIP and ENI.
  • A gas attendant must be available in order for you to get gas at these stations.
  • You can fill up at any time on the Autostrada at AGIP and ENI gas stations as they have attendants 24/7.

Note: It is important to always ask before pumping gas if the station you are at accepts your gas vouchers. Typically, only AGIP and ENI stations along the “autostrada” (highway) are required to take your vouchers – not local stations within various towns. Usually, local AGIP and ENI stations near U.S. military installations will be familiar with these vouchers.


Winter driving

Around Nov. 1 through April 30, it is required to have tire chains in your vehicle along with installing mud and snow tires on your vehicle.

Driving outside of Italy

Many countries will not recognize a U.S. or AFI/SETAF license. You will need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) at least four weeks before traveling outside of Italy. You can apply by mail or in-person at AAA or the AATA, which are the 2 agencies authorized by the State Department to issue IDPs.

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