German gifts to give Father’s Day

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Father’s Day is a day to remember all the hardworking, selfless efforts dads make to keep us happy. However, you and your family living overseas means missing out on special occasions, like this important day. This Father’s Day, treat dad with these German gifts to make him feel loved from across the Atlantic.  

1. Beer Stein

Nothing says Father’s Day more than sharing a cold brew with your old man. If distance doesn’t allow you to share one with him, bring the beer to dad with a beer stein. This quintessential gift associated with Oktoberfest will make any father feel like he is enjoying his day with loved ones. You can even create a customized stein for him by engraving his name. Visit the Hofbrӓuhaus’ website to buy these steins.  

2. Swiss Army Knife

Although this popular brand may hail from neighboring Switzerland, your father will still appreciate his cool new gadget.  Whether he likes to explore the great outdoors, hike through the woods or save it for a rainy day, the Swiss Army Knife will make him feel appreciated. You can order from their website or most cutlery stores. 

Tip: In Germany, if a knife is given as a present, it is customary for the receiver to give a penny so that relationships aren’t “cut.”  

3. Birkenstock

It’s common to see this brand as you peruse your way around malls throughout the world. This traditional German footwear company is known for their stylish, yet comfortable cork shoes. Have Dad walk in comfort because he deserves to relax with all the hard work he does.

4. German Sausage Cookbook 

When German food comes to mind, sausage seems to be the most appropriate answer. If your father is into sausage or enjoys grilling, buy “The Perfect Sausage: Making and Preparing Homemade Sausage.” Written by barbeque master chef Karsten Aschenbrandt, this cookbook will have dad running to the grocery store and firing up the grill. 

5. Cuckoo Clock

If your father hasn't asked you for a cuckoo clock yet, now would be the perfect time to buy one. Known as one of the most famous German souvenirs, these ornate clocks originate from the Black Forest region. You can find them all over Germany, especially if you’ve traveled to the southwestern part of the country. It’s easy to discover shops that sell these wooden masterpieces throughout Germany, but you can also order online through their website.

Just because you may not be with your father during this day that commemorates his hard work and love doesn’t mean he can’t be spoiled in the way he deserves. With these gifts, your father will be touched that you thought of him despite the distance. 

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