Fuel rations in Germany

Fuel rations in Germany

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U.S. military, DOD civilians ID cardholders and their dependents stationed or TDY in Germany may purchase tax-free fuel at Esso stations through a fuel card program sponsored by AAFES. 

How it works: When a vehicle has been acquired, whether purchased new, used or shipped from the U.S., the vehicle must be inspected and registered with the local USAREUR Vehicle Registration office. 

Once your vehicle is registered, sign up for the duty-free fuel program managed by AAFES. Money is added to a pre-paid card for future purchases, and all registered vehicles have a monthly ration based on the vehicle’s size and weight, as noted on your
vehicle registration.

Program Details

  • The program is only available in Germany at on-base AAFES facilities and at off-base Esso gas stations. 
  • The fuel ration card is only good for one assigned vehicle and for purchase of the type of fuel the vehicle uses.
  • More than one vehicle may be registered, and up to two ID holders may be assigned to a fuel card for each vehicle.
  • The prepaid balance is shared across owners and vehicles.
  • Exceeding your fuel ration allowance or prepaid balance, or buying with an expired card will result in paying the taxed, economy fuel price.

Using the Card

On base: Use pre-paid balance or other form of payment.

Off base: You must pay using your pre-paid balance. 

  • Pump gas, then take the fuel card, vehicle registration and ID card to the attendant. 
  • Know your 4-digit PIN. 
  • Amount purchased is deducted from the account’s monthly ration.


Know your ration and card balances: odin.aafes.com/esso, toll-free number on card or last receipt.

  • If you are at an Esso station and the payment system goes down, the staff is trained to call a dual language system to complete the transaction. Or call the AAFES 24/7 Military Star Card center.
  • Add money to card: cash, check, Military Star card, debit or credit at AAFES Shoppettes/gas stations; online at odin.aafes.com/esso; by phone at the number on the back of the card; and by automatic bank transfer or payment. 
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen Esso fuel card by calling AAFES at their toll-free number 0800-181-9945.

To help locate Esso stations across Germany, download the Esso map app for your smartphone. You can also learn more about Esso fuel rations at www.aafes.com.

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