Finding your home in Sigonella

Finding your home in Sigonella

by Stripes Europe
Stripes Europe

It’s important to be open-minded as you search for your new home. Italian homes are much different, smaller and older than what you may be used to. Although the outside of an Italian home may seem a bit run down or small, always go in and take a look inside. More often than not, people are surprised with the layout and newer interior of the home.


Government Family Housing

  • Generally, accompanied service members are mandatorily assigned to government family (base) housing if Marinai is below 92% capacity. 
  • The government covers the expenses of rent and utilities; you will not receive any Overseas Housing Allowance.
  • Request the e-Welcome Package prior to arrival and work with your assigned sponsor for your unit assignment.
  • Inquire with the Housing Office regarding the Door to Door (D2D) program, a program that enables you to move directly into government quarters upon arrival. A Special Power of Attorney for your sponsor is required.

Unaccompanied Housing Facilities

  • Unaccompanied E-1 to E-4 personnel are mandatorily assigned to the Unaccompanied Housing (UH) facilities on the installation.
  • Service members will be assigned to their building based on duty location and room availability.
  • Request the e-Welcome Package prior to arrival and work with your assigned sponsor for your room assignment.
  • Inquire with the Housing Office regarding the Door to Door (D2D) program, a program that enables you to move directly into UH rooms upon arrival.

Economy Housing

  • Unaccompanied E-5 and above, civilians/contractors and foreign nationals service members are referred to the local community.
  • Private homes and landlords are vetted according to established standards by the Housing Office.
  • You are responsible for rent and utilities using your Overseas Housing Allowance or Living Quarters Allowance.

Note: It is required to bring your passport to request your “Codice Fiscale” – the equivalent of the U.S. SSN – which is mandatory for any transactions involving housing, utilities, furniture and other large purchases.

Finding Private Housing:

  • Searching online
  • Visit
  • Make an account.
  • Look for private rentals that have been approved by the Housing Office.

Note: Check the site daily as houses will come and go easily – especially in August, which is peak PCS season.

Realtor Program

  • If planning to live on the economy, you can also utilize the realtor program.
  • Approved realtors have background checks, insurance and are licensed to meet Housing Office standards.
  • Approved agencies do not charge any fees to the tenants. 


  • Attend the mandatory housing brief before you begin house hunting.
  • Make a “wish list” of selected homes.
  • Report to the Housing Office to schedule your tour.


  • It is mandatory for private housing leases to be signed at and through the Housing Office to receive all housing services, including OHA.
  • Your housing counselor will assist you in the lease negotiation and will set up an appointment to sign the lease based on Italian law.
  • Copies of the lease agreement will be provided to both parties, and one copy will be retained by the Housing Office.
  • Neither the Housing Office nor the U.S. Navy is a party to the lease contract.
  • Renters’ insurance is highly recommended.


  • Once the lease is signed, you will receive assistance for the activation of utilities.
  • The Housing Office will assist and liaise on behalf of the customer with electric, gas and phone companies available in your area.
  • For any utilities-related issue, the Housing Office will be your point of contact.


There are a variety of housing allowances. To see which one you qualify for, consult with the Housing Office.

Service members:

  • Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) – reimbursed while searching for a home or waiting for government housing.
  • Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) – funds for excess housing costs incurred when assigned to an overseas duty station. Service members in government housing do not receive this allowance.
  • Moving in Housing Allowance (MIHA) – one-time payment to fund the cost of items that may not be provided in community housing. Service members in government housing do not receive this allowance.


  • Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowances (TQSA) - authorized for the reasonable cost of temporary quarters incurred for a period up to three months or a period ending with the signing of a community lease.
  • Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) – covers the cost of privately-rented housing to include rent, electricity, gas, fuel and water.


  • The Housing Office loans furniture for up to 90 days or until household good are received by family housing and private housing residents.
  • Items such as appliances, transformers and wardrobes are part of the “Full Tour Supplemental Loaner Furnishings” program for private housing residents and can be kept for the entire tour.
  • Consult with the Housing Office to discuss and request items you may need and set a delivery appointment.


  • Government housing includes outlets for both U.S. and Italian voltages.
  • For private housing, you will need a power converter/transformer to use your American electronics in your Italian home. The Housing Office provides these for residents.
  • The Housing Office also provides a washer, dryer, refrigerator and wardrobes. Work with the Housing Office to choose the appropriate appliances for the unit.

For more information contact: Housing Office Welcome Center: DSN 624-4311

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