Finding your home in Naples

Photo by bouybin via 123RF
Photo by bouybin via 123RF

Finding your home in Naples

by Stripes Europe
Stripes Europe

It’s important to understand that Italian homes are fundamentally different than American homes. Most Italian homes are built with concrete, are smaller, older and are built closer together than what you may be used to. Carpeted floors are rare. Most homes do not come with appliances or closets. Although the outside of an Italian home may seem a bit run down or small, always go in and take a look inside. More often than not, people are surprised with the layout and newer interior of the home.


Military Family Housing

  • Located on Support Site, Military Family Housing (MFH) serves families of U.S. military personnel assigned to the Naples and Gaeta area, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military personnel, as well as contactor personnel.
  • Assignment is based on waitlist category (pay grade and family composition)

Example: two bedrooms for Enlisted, four bedrooms for Enlisted, three bedrooms for Officer, etc.

  • Members will be assigned to MFH immediately upon arrival, if available.
  • If fewer than five units are available for your waitlist category, then a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) will be issued, and you may reside on the local economy.
  • All arriving military personnel to the Naples area on accompanied orders are under the Direct Assignment Policy to MFH.
  • Exceptions to the Direct Assignment Policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will only be approved in rare cases.
  • All requests for exception to policy must be initiated by you and addressed to the CO, NAVSUPPACT Naples via your command and the Housing Director.
  • Rent and utilities are covered while in MFH and you will not receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).

Unaccompanied Housing 

  • E-1 to E-4 and frocked E5 service members on unaccompanied PCS orders will reside in Unaccompanied Housing on Support Site at either the BEQ located at Building 2087, next to the Hospital, or the “Triangle”- an arrangement of buildings located on the western side of the base. 
  • Consideration for requests to live in the economy will be given if occupancy levels reach 95%. All members under consideration for this category must submit a special request to NAVSUPPACT Naples CO via service member’s chain of command, UH Director and Housing Director.
  • E-4 and below without dependents who have previously received Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) or OHA may request to reside off-base and to receive OHA, without the need for occupancy levels to reach 95%. All members under this consideration for this category must submit a special request to NAVSUPPACT Naples CO via service member’s chain of command, UH Director and Housing Director.
  • Service members will be assigned to their building based on duty location and room availability.
  • Whenever possible, residents will be housed with other members of their command.

Economy Housing

  • Unaccompanied and Geographical Bachelors E-5 and above, civilians/contractors and foreign nationals service members are referred to the local economy.
  • Private homes and landlords are vetted according to established standards by the HSC.
  • You are responsible for rent and utilities using your OHA or Living Quarters Allowance (LQA).
  • In all instances of a monthly rent expense in excess of the service member’s OHA, the service member will sign an acknowledgement form vetted through their command that they have sufficient funds to cover the difference.
  • The Military Clause for termination of lease based on PCS orders is included in every lease.

Step 1. The Basics.

All housing INDOC paperwork must be received in order to create your profile with the HSC (includes DD1746 form, Sex Offender Disclosure, copy of orders, photocopy of passport and codice fiscale application). Paperwork can be submitted via email or in person.

Note: Passports are required to apply for a codice fiscale – the equivalent of the U.S. social security number in Italy. A codice fiscale is mandatory for any transactions involving housing, utilities, furniture, large purchases, most hotel reservations and more. It is required to sign a lease for economy housing. Ensure that you report the Naples areas with your passport to avoid undue delays moving into your house.

Step 2. The Home Search.

  • Searching online
  • Visit The official DoD search database for off-base housing.
  • Make a list of homes that you are interested in base on the premises ID.
  • Showing tour
    • Schedule a tour with the HSC based on your list.

Or schedule a tour with a Realtor or Agency on the HSC’s approved list.

Step 3. Requesting a Hold.

  • Email or call the HSC to place a hold on a housing unit. Two types of holds may be requested:
    • Permanent hold. Begins the lease preparation process. Used if you are finished with your home search.
    • Temporary hold. Reserves the unit for 48 hours, extensions requests allowed. Used if you’re still deciding or searching.

Step 4. Lease Preparation.

  • The HSC will begin the lease preparation process by completing a review of the housing unit’s property registration documents as well as completing an inspection to ensure the unit meets the safety and security requirements. The average wait time is approximately three weeks to complete both of these requirements.

Step 5. Lease Signing.

  • To save time, it is recommended that you negotiate the lease price with the landlord or realtor ahead of time.  
    • Your housing counselor will assist you and will set up an appointment to sign the lease based on Italian law. The counselor will serve as a liaison between the two signing parties.
    • You must bring the security deposit to the lease appointment equal to one month’s rent in Euro cash. This deposit will be paid to the General Services Fund (GSF) and will be refunded at the termination of the lease and may be used to pay any damages or unpaid utility bills. If you do not have enough money for the security deposit, you may request an advance OHA.
    • Copies of the lease agreement will be provided to both parties, and one copy will be retained by the Housing Office.
    • Neither the Housing Office nor the U.S. Navy is a party to the lease contract.
  • Once the lease is signed, you will receive assistance for the activation of utilities.
    • Renters’ insurance is highly recommended.
  • At your lease signing appointment you will discuss and request household items you may need and set a delivery date.

Step 6. Moving In.

  • After signing the lease, you will be required to move-in within five working days.
  • You will conduct a walk-through with the landlord, and/or realtor, to note discrepancies and make meter readings to establish a baseline.

Loaner Furniture and Partial Full-Tour Furnishings Program

  • While awaiting delivery of HHGs, the HSC will loan furniture and appliances for up to 90 days. Loaner furniture includes items such as a dining room table and chairs, love seat, coffee table, bed, chest of drawers and more.
  • Appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, AFN decoders, carbon monoxide detectors, dehumidifiers and microwaves are all part of the Partial Full Tour Furnishing Program.

Electronics and Appliances

  • Government housing includes outlets for both U.S. and Italian voltages.
  • For private housing, you will need a 220V/110V power converter/transformer to use your American electronics in your Italian home. The HSC provides two per household.


 Service members:

  • Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) – reimbursed while searching for a home or waiting for government housing.
  • Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) – funds for excess housing costs incurred when assigned to an overseas duty station. Service members in government housing do not receive this allowance.
  • Moving in Housing Allowance (MIHA) – one-time payment to fund the cost of items that may not be provided in community housing. Service members in government housing do not receive this allowance.
  • Utility/Recurring Maintenance Allowance — Provided to help defray expenses paid to utility companies. 


  • Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) – reimbursed while searching for a home or waiting for government housing.
  • Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) – covers the cost of privately-rented housing to include rent, electricity, gas, fuel and water.

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