Turn your permanent change of station into a trip full of memories by making sure you hand carry important items. Keep those irreplaceable items with you — not with the mover. Don't forget anything. Double-check it, and then check it again.
Three days before we were supposed to be on a plane to London, my husband’s leave still hadn’t been approved. He’d submitted the request as soon as he was able, but it seemed to have hit a snag on its way up the chain of command.
Parenthood is full of surprises. Just when you expect a complete meltdown, your resilient military kids shock you by going with the flow. Moving can put the whole house on an emotional rollercoaster. So, here are a few tips that might make your next move a smooth one for your kids — and you:
It’s been weeks already and you’re dead tired of living out of a suitcase. The house that could be your home for the next few years has ample space, airy rooms and European charm in buckets.
Using a credit card can be the safest and most effective way of carrying currency and buying things “on the economy” when stationed overseas.
Getting an account through an on-installation credit union or bank will eliminate headaches when paying bills, transferring money, making purchases, getting cash and managing funds between dollars and euros.
Are you ready to take your passion for photography to the next level and start your own business? Or maybe you’re already familiar with running your photography business in a different part of the world and are now relocating to the KMC area?
Moving to Italy is a big change for the entire family. Children certainly feel this impact as they leave behind familiar schedules, classrooms, friends and neighborhoods. Here are ways to make the transition as smooth as possible for your kiddos. 
Understanding the SOFA agreement between the U.S. and Italy will set realistic expectations for career opportunities during your time in Italy. Dependents are not allowed to work on the economy or have in-home businesses (example: Mary Kay, Arbonne, Scentsy etc.).
If you’ve brought your furry friend to Italy, you must register them at your installation’s veterinary clinic within the first 10 days of arriving.
Upon arrival, getting your cell phone set up is vital. The good news is you have a variety of options and resources to get you connected.
Providers:  Vodafone, Tim and Wind/3                    
Getting your license and driving in Italy can be intimidating. Here is everything you need to know to get you on your way!
When we were stationed in Germany, we hopped over to London for Thanksgiving break, not knowing less than a year later we’d be moving to the U.K. for the next four years. As is the case with most overseas locations, visiting and living there are two different experiences.
Military acronyms are essentially their own language. To the unsuspecting non-service-affiliated person, it sounds like a bunch of random letters and vowels smushed together, often resulting in a panicked, deer-in-the-headlights look.
Military spouses are given certain preferences when applying for Department of Defense civilian jobs.
We all make assumptions based on stereotypes and experiences. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to following the lead of my superstar wife, an Army civilian employee with a Ph.D. and an additional doctorate degree … not to mention a great singing voice.