The brand new "Welcome to the U.K." PCS Guide is here

The brand new "Welcome to the U.K." PCS Guide is here

by Stripes Europe Staff
Stripes Europe

Welcome to the U.K.! If you’ve recently arrived, your head may be spinning from a combination of jetlag and the sheer amount of information coming your way. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Moving overseas is a big change with a lot of moving pieces. To help make your transition to the U.K. go smoothly, pick up the latest copy of our PCS guide — "Welcome to the U.K."

This annual publication has everything you need to help you settle in. It includes great tips on house hunting, how to help your children adjust, different school options to consider, setting up bank accounts, life for your pets, and much, much more! This fantastic resource will also be available digitally, at your local family support centers (AFRC/ACS) throughout the U.K.

If your unit is interested in reserving or obtaining extra copies of "Welcome to the U.K." for sponsors of new arrivals, please contact Doug Dougherty.

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