Banking in Germany

Banking in Germany

by Stripes Europe
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Getting an account through an on-installation credit union or bank will eliminate headaches when paying bills, transferring money, making purchases, getting cash and managing funds between dollars and euros.


Credit unions are owned and operated by their members. Members’ savings are combined to create a pool of funds from which other members can borrow. Members then reap the rewards of their pooled investment income by gaining lower loan rates, higher savings rates and additional services.

Andrews Federal Credit Union

  • Branches in Wiesbaden
  • Shared branching with Service Credit Union
  • Provides online banking and bill pay

Service Credit Union

  • Branches distributed throughout bases in Germany
  • Check depositing from your smartphone
  • Provides “Call 24,” an automated phone teller, that is available 24/7

Keesler Federal Credit Union and Global Federal Credit Union

  • Shared branching with Andrews Federal Credit Union and Service Credit Union



Contracted Financial services

Bank of America holds a contract with the Department of Defense to provide banking and financial services through approximately 67 Community Bank branchs and 300 ATMs located worldwide. Community Bank also provides interactive banking so you can easily access your account. Call toll-free: 00-800-BANK-EASY (00-800-2265-3279) or DSN: 314-546-1892 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except German holidays.


  • Many German businesses, especially smaller businesses, do not take credit cards.
  • Always carry euros when off-installation.
  • Get an electronic cash (EC) card - also known as Girocard, Visa VPAY or Maestro Card through your bank.


The German banking system differs from the U.S., so you may be a little confused the first time you need to pay bills for German services.

  • To set up automatic transfers and automatic direct debits, you’ll usually need a funds transfer form.
  • To fill one out, you’ll need to know:
  • The euro amount due
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • Bank’s Identifier Code (BIC)
  • Account or reference number on file with payee
  • The payee’s name


  • Off-installation ATMs may require transaction fees.
  • Minimize fees by setting up a German bank account but know the conversate rate before depositing dollars.
  • You may be better off exchanging dollars for euros before transferring funds.
  • The DoD will not deposit paychecks to German banks.


  • 24-hour telephone access
  • Savings and checking accounts
  • Branch/online loan applications and support
  • Free transfers between participating institutions
  • ATM access worldwide
  • U.S. credit and debit cards
  • Automatic bill payments
  • Credit and debt counseling
  • European debit cards
  • Online bill pay – U.S. and foreign banks
  • Online statements
  • Retirement and 401(k) management
  • Currency conversion
  • Mobile banking and smartphone apps
  • Smartphone check depositing

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