While waiting in line at the local "Meztgerei," butcher’s shop, an American woman in front of me ordered 250 kilograms of salami.
According to Merriam-Webster, the word ‘deployment’ means a “placement or arrangement in position for a particular use or purpose.” For many in the military community, it brings a mixed sense of pride, duty, fear, sadness and an overwhelming sense of the unknown.
Jet-lagged and inadequately caffeinated, I fought to keep my eyes open in the darkened conference room where my husband and I were attending our first day of in-processing briefings.
Using a credit card can be the safest and most effective way of carrying currency and buying things “on the economy” when stationed overseas.
Shopping on the economy can be very intimidating, especially if you have not been in Germany very long. After all, almost everything is in German, few brands will be familiar and some of the foods are just very different than what you find in the typical American supermarket.
Standing on an island of square tile in a sea of unpacked boxes, I did my best to fight off that familiar, overwhelming ache of homesickness as it began to fill my chest. For a moment, I found it hard to breathe.
Whether you love it or hate it, moving is a big part of being a military spouse. On top of the constant moves, there are the occasional less-than-ideal living circumstances you’ll find in another country.
As something the military doesn’t pay for, it can be a dauting task to prepare for an overseas PCS when you’ve got pets. But don’t worry, with just a little planning and preparation it can be done!
Whether it’s a PCS, TDY or short vacation for a few days or weeks, there are simple techniques that will help you minimize the effects you’ll inevitably feel when exposed to a new culture.
I walked through the rooms of our Texas home as if in a daze. My husband had presented me with orders to an OCONUS duty station a few days before, and I was trying to imagine what our furnishings might look like in European house.
The holidays are all about celebrating the season and spending time with family and loved ones, even if it is only over a video chat! When a loved one is deployed, it can be a challenge to keep connected to your spouse. We want our spouses to feel loved and special during the holiday season.
I am a European mutt but mostly Italian and Polish, two groups of people who tend to ooze oil out of every pore. I spent years battling oily skin, not knowing the one cure was across the pond coming out of a faucet: Germany's hard water.
Get ready to enjoy your tea and crumpets; you're moving to England! Although thinking all British locals drive mini coopers and drink tea while munching on crumpets is a stereotype, some things are true about moving to England.
Wintry weather is common in Europe through April. The last thing you want is to get caught without required equipment.
Rules for winter tires
Getting an account through an on-installation credit union or bank will eliminate headaches when paying bills, transferring money, making purchases, getting cash and managing funds between U.S. dollars and euros.
Christmas is an internationally celebrated holiday. However, many countries and cultures have their own distinct ways to commemorate this time of the year. In Europe, it is definitely a whole season filled with celebration. There are different traditions that aren’t as popular in America.