A military career means moving and sometimes it means moving right away. The surprise PCS is one of the most dreaded events because it turns your world upside down with very little time to adapt, a million questions to answer, and no time to get everything done. 
We all make assumptions based on stereotypes and experiences. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to following the lead of my superstar wife, an Army civilian employee with a Ph.D. and an additional doctorate degree … not to mention a great singing voice.
Military spouses are given certain preferences when applying for Department of Defense civilian jobs.
The U.S. Armed Forces in Europe require that U.S. service members and dependents comply with host-nation child safety seat laws.
For most, an overseas tour is a coveted assignment. The prospect of traveling, learning different cultures and language, trying new food and just the difference of living in a new country can be exciting. For some, being overseas can present a set of challenges which may be insurmountable.
The best way to plan and to prepare for a military-to-civilian career transition is to plan your transition like you prepared for a combat deployment.
When we received orders to Germany, thoughts of extravagant castles, rowdy Oktoberfests and travel every weekend filled all the corners of my mind. I hadn’t been to Europe, so I really didn’t know what to expect.
Getting an account through an on-installation credit union or bank will eliminate headaches when paying bills, transferring money, making purchases, getting cash and managing funds between U.S. dollars and euros.
‘Tis the season for the sights and sounds of the age-old military rite of passage — moving. Getting notified of a permanent change of station (PCS) is guaranteed to ratchet up the anxiety levels in even the most laid-back person.
Understanding the SOFA agreement between the U.S. and Italy will set realistic expectations for career opportunities during your time in Sigonella. The only job opportunities for dependents can be found on the installation, as dictated by the SOFA.
Moving to Italy is a big change for the entire family. Children certainly feel this impact as they leave behind familiar schedules, classrooms, friends and neighborhoods. Here are ways to make the transition as smooth as possible for your kiddos.
C.S. Lewis once famously wrote, “Friendship . . . is born at the moment when one man says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .’” When we develop friendships, we often gravitate to those who are much like us.
If you’ve brought your furry friend to Italy, you must register them at the veterinary clinic within the first 10 days of arriving.
During your time in Sigonella, you're going to need to see a doctor and dentist. Depending on the specialty services you might require, you may need to be referred off-installation for medical services.
Taking command of your move means knowing where to turn for support. Relocation assistance professionals can help families plan, address questions and provide access to resources related to moving.
It’s important to be open-minded as you search for your new home. Italian homes are much different, smaller and older than what you may be used to. Although the outside of an Italian home may seem a bit run down or small, always go in and take a look inside.