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Staying in contact across time zones

Whether you’ve been in Europe for a while now or you’re a newcomer, knowing the drill of keeping up with friends and family in different time zones is tricky. Lining up the perfect time in both locations is hard when you’re on different schedules than each other.

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Research finds most people feel ‘Overwhelmed’ by family’s mess at home

According to the survey, which was conducted by Duck brand, 76% of people feel “overwhelmed” by their family members’ messes. In fact, the research finds that messiness impacts relationships between family members: 46% of people say it causes “tension” between them; 35% say it causes arguments; and 33% say it is a “source of stress on a daily basis.”

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10 things to love about moving to Italy

So, you just got word that you’re being stationed in Italy. You and your family have passports in hand and are ready to see what the European lifestyle is all about. Well, brace yourselves; Italy can be very overwhelming, especially to the newly arrived.

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Quick indoor organizing projects to tackle now

While a deep clean can be reserved for fall, home organizing expert Abby Lawson of the popular Abby Organizes blog says there are quick ways to tidy up the home now.

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Places of interest near Aviano

Italy is a beautiful country with an immense amount of tradition and history. Take a break from PCS headaches to explore the Aviano area.

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How translation and Interpretation services can ease PCS moves

Military OneSource offers translation and interpretation services to military spouses moving overseas or foreign-born spouses coming to the United States.

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European Road Guide 2023: German road rules

Here are key rules to know for driving in Germany.

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European Road Guide 2023: Buying and selling a vehicle in Italy

The requirements for inspecting and registering your purchased vehicle depend upon whether it was acquired from an Italian dealership, local national or ID cardholder. 

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European Road Guide 2023: Buying and selling a car in Germany

PCSing in or out of Germany? Here is what you need to know in order to get that vehicle situated.

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European Road Guide 2023: Buying and selling a car in the U.K.

Need to buy or sell a used car in the U.K.? This article can help you understand the process and where to find cars.

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European Road Guide 2023: Road Rules in Poland

Whether you are PCSing into the country, or travelling there for fun, here are key rules to know for driving in Poland.

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Good nutrition through PCS season

PCS season is hectic, stressful, time-consuming and downright hard on your body. It’s also during this time that you might be settling for takeout, pizza delivery or just drowning your stress in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

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European Road Guide 2023: Road Rules U.K.

Living in the U.K. or plan to drive through the area soon? Here are key rules you need to know.

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European Road Guide 2023: Motorcycle safety

Before you hop on your motorcycle, make sure you’re aware of all the rules that go into owning and driving your motorcycle. 

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