Moving to Germany is an adventure, to say the least. When I first moved here there was quite an adjustment period.
It’s important to be open-minded as you search for your new home. Italian homes are much different, smaller and older than what you may be used to. Although the outside of an Italian home may seem a bit run down or small, always go in and take a look inside.
When you first move to Germany, you are completely overwhelmed with the new place, new culture and new language. It’s a bit intimidating to say the least.
Traveling with your pets can be a great experience for you and your furry friends. However, if you don’t plan accordingly, your trip can go from relaxing to stressful. Use these handy tips the next time you travel with your pets.
Before the trip:
As things start to settle down with your move to Germany, it’s best to immerse yourself into the culture as soon as you can.
If you’ve brought your furry friend to Germany, you must register them at your installation’s veterinary clinic within the first 14 days of arriving.
Mentors aren’t just for active-duty members. Having a military spouse mentor can be an incredibly valuable gift. They can help you navigate your way through this unpredictable and sometimes chaotic lifestyle.
Navigating the job market is tricky for any job seeker. For transitioning U.S. service members and military spouses, finding one’s professional footing can be even more challenging.
Military life is colorful, but military housing is not! Your rental or on-base housing will most likely pair light beige carpeting with white walls to create a 360-degree panorama of ho-hum.
The day will come when you're preparing to get out of the military.
Having major surgery, an unforeseen illness or debilitating injury can often lead to a hospital stay followed by a lengthy recuperation at home. Often these types of recoveries leave patients homebound or restricted in movement.
Italian pharmacies, or “farmacie,” is a place you will need to be accustomed to when living in Italy. They are the first stop if you have a cold or an upset stomach. There are no chain pharmacies in Italy, but farmacie are universally recognizable by the green plus-sign.
The overall quality and performance of Italy’s universal health system ranks favorably compared to international standards. Health care access and quality as well as life expectancy rank among the highest globally.
Birthing our second child, with the exceptional support of San Bortolo Hospital and our Vicenza Health Community, is an experience we will always cherish. Birthing a child, while navigating living abroad as well as a global pandemic, requires trust in the resources and community around you.
As a service member, you’ve already got a strong skill set to make you an asset in the workplace. Many of those same skills can be applied in finding the right job in the first place. Here are ten skills to master when searching and interviewing for a position.