Helpful German emergency phrases

February 28, 2018
Whether you are stationed in Germany or exploring its famous sites on vacation, you will need to be prepared to communicate in the eve

Decorating the drab

March 09, 2018
Whether you love it or hate it, moving is a big part of being a military spouse. On top of the constant moves, there are the occasional less than ideal living circumstances you’ll...

The inside scoop on PSCing to the United Kingdom

March 14, 2018
You’ve been praying to the PSC gods for an overseas assignment and they’ve finally answered! You’ve gotten orders to the United Kingdom, one of the military’s coveted overseas...

Countdown to Spring: 7 ways to prep for an upcoming PCS

March 13, 2018
Got orders? Here are seven helpful hints to help you get ahead of the curve on your impending PCS.

Flohmarkt flip - Window frame to art display

March 12, 2018
Before I even stepped foot in Germany, one of the first things my friends told me about are the flea markets (Flohmarkt).

PCS move may mean school search

March 10, 2018
If you're PCSing stateside this summer, here are some great resources to help make an informed decision about schools in your new location.
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