3 simple woodworking projects for fall

3 simple woodworking projects for fall

by James Niehaus
Stripes Europe

Fall can be the perfect time to start delving into crafts, particularly beginner woodworking. With perfect temperatures and abundant sunshine, autumn allows everyone some time outside. Getting crafty with your hands never felt so good. Along with the pleasant weather comes opportunity for themed activities. Pumpkins, leaves and even candy corn help to inspire creativity. These woodworking craft ideas are just a few festive favorites.

1. Scrappy Pumpkin
This adorable pumpkin, crafted from wood scraps, is the perfect way to recycle old into new. Pieces of wood are connected to form fall decorations. Materials for this project are relatively few. You’ll need wood scraps, paint and brushes (if desired), chalk, a jigsaw, some wire, screws, and a screwdriver.

Optionally, scraps can be prepped and painted ahead of time any desired colors, like orange, black, white, purple, or otherwise. Once you’re satisfied with your scraps, they can be laid out next to each other in your desired design. You’ll use the chalk to outline a pumpkin shape, and then use the jigsaw to cut along your chalk outline. Once your boards are cut, you’ll screw more scraps perpendicular to your pumpkin, on the backside to fasten the sections of your pumpkin together. Feel free to cut a stem out of extra scraps and attach it to the top. Wire helps to make some tendrils around the stem, and your pumpkin is complete.

2. Hello Fall Sign
The link provided is a listing to buy a sign, but it’s just as easy to make. You’ll need wood scraps, screws, a screwdriver, a jigsaw, paint, brushes, letter stencils, and some floral or berry wreathing. You’ll start by cutting your wood scraps into whatever shape you desire with the jigsaw. The example sign is a rectangle, but feel free to get creative with it. Once your scraps are cut, you’ll fasten them with more scraps, perpendicular to whatever shape you’ve cut. You can use the screws and screwdriver to do this. Now, the skeleton of your sign is complete. You can paint the background as you please, and use the letter stencils to paint “Hello, Fall” or whatever other message you’d like on the front. Once your sign is dry, you have the option to attach your berry wreathing to the front, around the lettering. Presto!

3. Candy Corn Craft
Do you like candy corn enough to decorate your table with it while you’re eating it? This craft’s for you. These little wooden pyramids double as larger than life candy corn for your table, porch, or mantel. You’ll either need pieces of wood thick enough to cut pyramids out of, or existing pyramids to start with. If you’re going to make your own, you’ll trace triangles on the wood and use a jigsaw to cut them out. Once you have your pyramids, you can paint them in white, orange, and yellow sections with foam brushes. When they’re dry, there’s an option to tie some festive ribbon around them for a finishing touch. Now they’re all set to adorn whatever place you’d like to make a little more festive for fall.

Truly, fall is the perfect time to indulge in a little woodwork crafting. Simple enough for beginners and classic enough to keep the pros engaged, these fall themed activities are perfect for autumn. Try one or try them all!

James Niehaus has been a writer and woodworking professional for over twenty years. Find out more about woodworking at his site, perfectcutsandmiters.com

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