Unconventional coffee shops to pop into in London

Unconventional coffee shops to pop into in London

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Europe

England may be known for its love of tea, but the country has its fair share of quirky coffeeshops. London specifically is a great place to explore these types of beverage hubs.

Lion Coffee + Records London

This coffee shop is perfect for both music lovers and coffee drinkers, as it is not only a seller of coffee drinks and cocktails but also vinyl records. Both vintage and new records are sold here by husband and wife team, Chris and Mairead. Mairead managed Florence + The Machine for eleven years, which is how she met her husband Chris, whom was a drummer for the same band. The couple named their shop Lion Coffee + Records after their son, Arlo Lion.

All coffee used in their beverages is ground from All Press beans. Their signature blend is made of bean grown in Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala and Sumatra. Not in the London area? Don’t fret, you can order vinyl records directly from their website!

As for the atmosphere of the shop, it is quite warm and cozy with wooden tables, trendy minimalistic lighting and red brick walls. Located on Lower Clapton Road, this is a must see.

Shoreditch Grind

Shoreditch Grind is the original location of the Grind coffee shop, which has been in business since 2011. There are several other locations within England, each with their own unique flair. This location specifically is a Circular coffee shop with a 1950s theme. In the last couple of years, a recording studio has been built upstairs, a full kitchen is now in use and cocktails are available at the bar downstairs. If you decide to go during happy hour, try their signature Grind Espresso Martini that contains Grind House blend espresso, vodka and sugar syrup, which has been served since the 1980s. If you are an out-of-towner but would still like to try their coffee, check out their website where they sell coffee grounds, reusable cups and compostable coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines. Located on Old Street in London, this coffeeshop truly has it all!

The Watch House

In a central location near Tower Bridge, Bermondsey Street is home to many popular shops and businesses, including The Watch House. Now a coffee shop, the original use for the building was shelter for the men whom would guard the cemetery at night beginning in the 19th century. The owners wanted to keep the integrity of the original structure so they only used building materials that date back to the Victorian age. Near St. Magdalene Park, this espresso bar offers quality coffee drinks as well as homemade soups, sandwiches, etc. Due to its size, there is a small amount of seating within the actual coffee shop. On the website, it is advised that in the warmer months customers get their goodies to go and eat them in the nearby park.

Whether you are a history buff, collector of vinyl or simply love a good cup of coffee, one of these shops is sure to have something that will tickle your fancy!

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