So, what did you pick up in Belgium?

Belgium chocolate shaped like seashells
Belgium chocolate shaped like seashells

So, what did you pick up in Belgium?

by Erica Fowler
Stripes Europe

Lace & Tapestries

Centuries-old production in Bruges, Belgium has made it a hub for any type of intricate lace pattern or tapestry you could be on the hunt for. If you or someone you know has a flair for vintage lacey styles from different eras, 't Apostelientje is a perfect pitstop, or even just to get an idea of how long these intricate masterpieces take to construct. Mille Fleurs Tapestries is a 12-minute walk away and has both traditional wall tapestries (like an Alphonse Mucha one that I fell in love with). You can also find other quirky applications of this skill, including throw pillows with dressed-up animals in silly portraits. I can see them fitting right in with a cottage-core or maximalist aesthetic.


Comic Books & Memorabilia

Belgian urban areas boast at least one great comic shop, but Brussels shows its affinity for the art style with more than 50 comic strip murals throughout the city. Memorabilia and loads of comics abound at various shops and boutiques, including characters of Belgian origins, such as Tin Tin and his fox terrier, Snowy. Check out the Comics Art Museum in Brussels while you’re there, so you can walk through the history of this long-lasting form of entertainment.

In Ghent, the World’s End Comic & Games has a large selection with titles in English, manga, a bar and a gaming area, so you can relax and dive into your newfound pages.



Crunchy pralines hail from Belgium, and the decadent truffles and ganache are truly divine. Belgian chocolate uses 100 percent cocoa butter and a higher percentage of cocoa is used in the confections, according to, a website that covers what to see and do in Northern Belgium (Flanders region). There’s a Chocolate Museum in Bruges, where you can sign up for an adult or youth workshop and even make your own sweet treats! You, your family and friends will surely love that you either made or hand-picked a box of Neuhaus, Leonidas, Côte d’Or or Godiva chocolates right from their homeland. You’re still safe if you’ve forgotten by the time you leave, because the Brussels Airport is where you can find the most Belgian chocolate sold in any single location.


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson

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