Shop Pfalz and Oktoberfest themed German jewelry

Shop Pfalz and Oktoberfest themed German jewelry

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Europe

I don’t think I am alone in reminiscing on Oktoberfests past and anxiously awaiting when we get to attend our favorite German festivals again. So in the meantime, I’ve been doing a little window shopping (and some not-so-subtle hint dropping) to up my dirndl and “trachten” (traditional clothing) game.

After getting to know a local German goldsmith, I visited the gallery where she works in the town of Freinsheim on the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Route). If you have attended any of the wine festivals in Freinsheim, you would have certainly passed Schmuck Galerie am Eisentor, located just inside the ancient Roman gates that still surround the charming city. Amongst a large range of beautiful, handmade pieces of jewelry, two collections stood out to me: Pfalz am Halz and Malz am Hals.

Pfalz am Halz or “Palatinate on the Neck” is a collection dedicated to the region, its traditions and people. Many of the pieces feature the uniquely Pfalz-ish bubbled wine glass, a fixture of the Bad Dürkheim festival and popular for enjoying a wine schorle. I appreciated learning the history of these glasses, which evolved in Bad Dürkheim when the local butchers had issues holding smooth wine glasses with their greasy hands at butchery festivals. From that came the conical shaped cup with indentations or “Dubbe” polka dots.

The collection includes various pendants for necklaces or bracelets, stud earrings and rings in different surfaces including silver, yellow gold, rose gold and black ruthenium.

Pretzel pendants celebrate Bavaria | Photo from Schmuck Galerie.

For the “Malt on the Neck” collection, you will find pieces honoring Bavarian traditions and celebrations including pretzels, Edelweiss flowers, mass beer steins, crates of bottles and even the infamous pork knuckle or “Schweinehaxn.” Like the Pfalz collection, there is a wide array of sizes, surfaces and items, leaving you lots to choose from!

You can find the pieces at the Freinsheim shop, Schmuck Galerie am Eisentor (Herrenstraße
9, 67251), as well as on their online shop. It makes for a great day trip to visit the shop, grab some lunch, taste some wine at a local winery and explore the historic city. The shop in Freinsheim will accept VAT forms. For those closer to Kaiserslautern, you can also find pieces from the collection in Ramstein-Miesenbach at Goldsmith Anton Nikl (Miesenbacher Straße 5, 66877).

Mass beer mugs add a fun accessory to traditional German outfits. | Photo from Schmuck Galerie.

Whether you’re just dreaming about our return to fest life, looking for a special souvenir for when it is time to leave Germany or searching for gifts for the holiday season, check out these uniquely German jewelry pieces. Beautifully handcrafted and celebrating many different German traditions, all of these pieces are perfect for fest season or just everyday wear.

All I know is that when it is safe to gather, hug and cheers with one another again I am going to be ready, my dirndl, accessories and all.

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