Services when you’re housebound

Services when you’re housebound

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Whether you’ve had drastic surgery or are in a position where leaving home requires a considerable and demanding effort, there are services available to alleviate the stress of everyday tasks. Below are seven services to assist you for when you may be a housebound patient.

Taxi and shuttle services

As someone who is housebound, driving yourself anywhere is unlikely. With the help of taxi and shuttle services, commuting from one place to the next is made possible. If you do not know of a specific taxi service in your community, download the mytaxi app. With this app, you can order a taxi online and can even pay through the app. Most major towns in Germany have a taxi service.

Medication delivery 

If no one is able to pick up medicine for you, Germany has Apotheke Liefer services that can help. They deliver medication right to your door. In essence, this service is takeout for prescribed medication. Be sure the prescriptions are in their original form or the online service may not accept it.

Grocery delivery service

When you cannot physically go to the grocery store, try a grocery delivery service. With online supermarkets in Germany on the rise, it is easy to find one that will deliver to your door. To see which online supermarkets are available, visit This directory will also tell you how much the shipping will cost.  

Cleaning and yard service

If you are housebound, something you’d appreciate would be a clean house.  Thankfully, there are cleaning and yard services to help keep your home clean. is a website that provides a professional staff to clean your home. They are located throughout Germany and can perform a one-time or regular cleaning.

Visiting nurse

A visiting nurse is employed by a hospital or social service agency to perform public health services. These nurses visit and provide care for sick people in a community. Whether checking your vitals or providing other nursing interventions, these professional nurses are a good alternative for when you cannot be seen by the doctor on a regular basis. Check with your medical provider or installation’s medical center to see if they have such services.    

Dog walkers and pet care

Like children, pets are part of our family that need to be cared for. If the local dog walker in your community is not able to help, use, a free website to find pet and house sitters. Simply register online, type in your location and see what sitters are available. Some even offer free services. You can also check with your installation’s vet service to see if they have or know of any service that provides temporary pet care.

Online food delivery service

Though Germany may not provide many options for takeout, offers delivery options. Note that depending on where you live, the amount of options may vary. Type in your zip code and these sites will tell you which restaurants deliver to you. Be sure to look at the minimum amount you can spend in order for them to deliver.

Being a housebound patient is hard enough, so let someone else take care of your needs. Whether it’s groceries or medication being sent to your door, you’ll feel at ease knowing your needs will be met with these services. 

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