A parade of pumpkins at Hitscherhof

A parade of pumpkins at Hitscherhof

by Ryyan Joye
Stripes Europe

While changing leaves might be the most visible herald of autumn, there is another staple of the season that really shines—pumpkins! For all things pumpkin, your best bet is turning to a farm in Maßweiler, Hitscherhof. Established over the course of centuries, Hitscherhof brings together a plethora of vendors—and a whole lot of pumpkin—for their annual “Hoffest,” or farm festival.

While pumpkin is very easy to swallow in soup, they have a full gamut of must-try pumpkin delicacies. From pumpkin bratwurst to pumpkin champagne, there is always a little bit of the gourd in reach. Don’t miss their large selection of pumpkin jams and spreads, or the multitude of flavored pumpkin seeds. There are even pumpkin waffles, which are more savory than sweet, but those with a sweet tooth can enjoy a tasty slice of pumpkin pie. Vendors are sure to bring their own delicious foods as well, so be certain to come hungry.

For pumpkin carvers, look no further for your pick of the patch. There are white, green, yellow and orange pumpkins of varying sizes perfect for a jack-o-lantern. Make sure you pick up a few decorative varieties as well. Ask about pumpkins and mixes for cooking, and you can put together your own pumpkin feast at home. Keep an eye out for a few monster-sized pumpkins, perfect backdrops for family photos and selfies.

Hitscherhof offers more than just pumpkins. For years, they have incorporated a corn maze into their fest. Perfect for a fun excursion, the maze can be followed up with a freshly roasted cob topped with herb butter. Kids will certainly enjoy a pony ride (or three). Hitscherhof is fun for the entire family. Brighten up your table with freshly cut flowers picked by hand in their flower fields. An autumnal bouquet might include sunflowers, dahlias and other seasonal blooms. Take a nice stroll around the marketplace to see what the vendors have for sale. Expect lots of handmade crafts, antiques, specialties and more.

The Hitscherhoffest is expected to run Sept. 25–26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days. There might not be the typical fest rides you’ve come to expect of Germany, but it will be a fun experience filled with as much pumpkin as you can handle.

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