Missing your spa day? Indulge in these rituals at home

Missing your spa day? Indulge in these rituals at home

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

A day of wellness and detox in a German Therme or Italian Terme—luxurious spa facilities offering warm pools, saunas, steam baths, Jacuzzis and other means of pampering—is a welcome treat for body and soul, particularly in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, such facilities are among the many businesses forced to remain closed until that happy moment when restrictions are lifted.

So how can fans of the spa experience de-stress themselves in the meantime? Those who love indulgent soaks in mineral-rich waters, surrounded by invigorating scents and relaxing sounds can find clever ways to satisfy their longings for warmth and serenity in their own home environments too.

One key to the success of your at-home spa day lies in stimulating as many senses as possible. Bathhouses, health and wellness journals and makers of products for well-being provide us with guidance as to how to carry out rituals and create an atmosphere sure to boost spirits and energy level, as well as instill a feel-good vibe. Here are some ideas as to how your tub, bathroom or living room can be transformed into an oasis of calm.

Ambiance: Dusk and a warm-toned light help to create the relaxing atmosphere of a sauna. Before sinking into a hot bath, switch off the harsh overhead lights and place lit candles or tea lights on the floor, along the rim of the tub and atop surfaces where they pose no fire danger.

Sounds: The Liquidrom in Berlin is a sauna experience offering live musicians, DJs and underwater music. Transport your mind to your own liquid heaven by cueing up a soundtrack of whatever sounds you personally find relaxing, from classical to acoustic guitar to this Tibetan bowl music courtesy of RelaxLoungeTV.

Smoothies: The website of Badewelt Sinsheim has a wealth of advice, including yoga routines, do-it-yourself facial masks and a trio of smoothie recipes. To recreate its Mango-Orange Smoothie, you only need two mangos, 250 ml of orange juice, a touch of honey and crushed ice. Blitz in the blender, pour into a colorful glass and pretend you’re in the tropics.

Scents: If you’re adding fragrance to bathwater, you can skip this step; otherwise harness the power of scent through using an essential oil diffuser, in which the heat generated by a tea candle heats up an aromatic oil. The FragranceX website decodes 15 popular aromatherapy scents: calming and comforting lavender is thought to promote good sleep, orange may play a role in reducing anxiety and lemon is often turned to as an overall mood-booster.

Bath salts: Kneipp is a respected German brand of cosmetics and healing products based on herbs and other natural ingredients. Its concoctions can turn any tub into an oasis of heady scents and healing waters. The elements and minerals found in its bath salts are meant to ease muscles and soften skin, while the aromas awaken and invigorate the senses. Amongst its most recently launched products is the Goodbye Stress Water Mint & Rosemary Mineral Bath Salt Soak, formulated to clear your mind and quiet overactive thoughts. No bath salts at hand? Herbal tea can also be used to produce a relaxing and rejuvenating soak too.

Facial steam: Perk up a weary complexion with an easy steam bath for the face. To clear up clogged pores and promote circulation, boil some water in a pan, transfer it into a glass bowl, add oils or herbs as desired and use a towel to create a tent to trap in the steam. Follow up with a clay or peel-off mask and a lush moisturizer, and glowing skin will be yours.

Foot soak: A humble basin or dishpan can easily stand in for the foot spa. Fill with hot water, Epsom salts, scented oils or whatever citrus fruit might be lingering in the fridge. Some people swear by Listerine as a means to treat athlete’s foot; Healthline explains how it’s done. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are other ingredients you’re likely to have on hand already.

While taking the time to care for yourself can sometimes feel a little self-indulgent, it will give you the strength to carry on with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, allowing you to be a ray of light to others.

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