Hungry on a hike

Four friends hiking
Four friends hiking

Hungry on a hike

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Lace up those hiking boots and get ready for an outdoor adventure that includes a delicious meal! It isn’t every day that you venture off on a hike and end up at a restaurant or overnight accommodation. The Höllentalanger Hut, a managed hut owned by the German Alpine Club, lets you do both.

If you start your trip at the hiker’s parking lot in Hammersbach, you will have direct access to the trail that takes you to the Hollental Gorge. Don’t let the gorge’s other name, “Hell’s Valley,” deter you from making this amazing hike. Prior to reaching the gorge, you can enjoy stunning views of the mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for a whimsical water trough and picnic tables. After hiking for approximately one hour, be sure to follow the signs to the gorge in order to come across a checkpoint. To enter it, you will need to pay 4 euros, so don’t forget your wallet!

This natural phenomenon that was once opened to tourists over 100 years ago is nothing short of incredible. Listening to the rushing of the water while it winds its way through this deep, narrow valley is pure magic. The views of canyons, waterfalls and bridges await as you hike your way through this 3.5-mile gorge. Keep in mind the gorge itself is only open when the snow has melted, usually May through October.

In need of delicious refreshments after successfully making your way through this gorge? Head to the Höllentalanger Hut to reward yourself. Originally built in 1893, the hut was demolished in 2013 and rebuilt in 2014-2015. Expect to find items like pea soup, salad, cheese spaetzle and sausage with bread and mustard on the menu. For adult hikers, beer is a refreshing option.

After stopping here for a short respite, there are several options for carrying on. Returning through the gorge the way you came is probably the shortest way back. Other options include hiking until you reach the Kreuzeckhaus, at which point you can hop on the Kreuzeckbahn cable car and go back to the bottom (this will more than double the time of your hike). Keep in mind that if you parked in the Hammersbach lot, the cable car will return you to a different location.

For the serious hiker, having reached Höllentalanger Hut, carrying on to the Zugspitze is certainly an option. Instead of overexerting yourself on day one, the hut is also a mountaineering base and offers 108 beds that hikers can utilize.

Regardless of your hiking abilities, give the Hollental Gorge a try and reward yourself for a job well done at Höllentalanger Hut. The views are spectacular and the food is just what you need to recharge the batteries before either returning to your car or carrying on to Germany’s highest mountain peak, the Zugspitze.

 Learn more about Höllentalanger Hut on their website. 

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