Germany top five: Wines

Row of wine bottles
Row of wine bottles

Germany top five: Wines

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

If there’s one takeaway from living in Germany it is that Germans excel at many things they put their minds to. From cars to beers, Germans definitely know about quality, and their wine is no exception. Whether you’re a sommelier or a beginner, these five wines are what you should be pouring in your glass.

Spätburgunder — Bernhard Huber Schlossberg Spätburgunder GG

Situated in the wine-growing region of Baden is the Bernhard Huber Winery. Views of vibrant hues of green vineyards are sprinkled throughout this area and make a picture-perfect backdrop. However, the vineyard’s show stopper is their Malterdinger (pinot noir), which makes up 65 percent of the wine collection. The Schlossberg Spätburgunder is one of the winery’s biggest seller and has a 13 percent alcohol volume. This crisp red wine is perfect for those who have a dry pallet as it is on the dry side. Pair with red meat or cheese and enjoy!

Dornfelder — Bremer Rastkelle Nussdorfer Herrenberg Dornfelder Trocken

Richer in color, Dornfelder is the red wine you never knew you needed. Created in 1955 in Weinsberg, this wine native to Germany is easier to grow than the Spätburgunder and has a deeper, red color and is packed with oak flavor due to the ability to age in oak barrels. To get a true taste of the classic Dornfelder, swirl your glass with Bremer Nussdorfer Herrenberg Dornfelder Trocken. The wine may be trocken (dry), and yet it is deliciously fruity, refreshing and will go best with pasta, veal and poultry.

Rosé —Klein Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Trocken 2017

Known as a fancy and posh drink, rosé is a type of wine that although is incorporated with some color from grape skins, is not pigmented enough to be considered a red wine. This rose-colored wine can be still, sparkling, semi-sparkling and varies in sweetness. For those feeling a little extravagant, cheers to Klein Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé. Though Peter Klein, the brand’s winemaker, is originally from Bordeaux, this rosé has been perfected in Hainfeld, Germany.  

Riesling — Dönnhoff Riesling Nahe Dellchen GG 2017

Hailing from the Rhine region, riesling is a white wine that has gained a popular reputation, especially in the Rhine area in Germany. Made from the aromatic grape known as riesling, this high-acidity wine is versatile and can be in the form of dry, semi-dry, sweet and sparkling. What gives this invigorating wine its character is all dependent on its place of origin. The Dönnhoff Riesling Nahe Dellchen is the perfect herbal, yet citrusy, wine to enjoy with a charcuterie board filled with cheddar, gorgonzola and gruyere cheeses as well as a poultry dish.

Weissburgunder — Dr. Wehrheim Weissburgunder Mandelberg GG

Weissburgunder or pinot blanc is a crisp white wine comparable to chardonnay and can be characterized as sweet or nutty. Though its origins can be traced to the Alsace region of France, Germany’s version is just as reputable and delicious. Unlike pinot noir, pinot blanc uses lighter-skinned grapes, giving the wine a yellow green or gold yellow appearance. Dr. Wehrheim Weissburgunder Mandelberg GG is the perfect wine for the summer with pear, apple, melon and floral tones. Fish and poultry dishes complement this wine perfectly.

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