Moving to Germany? Here are 10 mouthwatering snacks to look out for.
Stationed in Italy? What a dream come true! Or maybe you’re a first time traveler to the Mediterranean’s largest island? Whatever the case may be, we hope you’re ready to do some mighty good eating while you’re there!
I run a water management system in my house. Depending on if it’s raining, if it’s laundry day or it has been extra humid, you’ll find various pitchers, buckets and other vessels placed around my house.
Moving to Germany? Here are 10 mouthwatering snacks to look out for.
"Flammkuchen," tarte flambée, doesn’t have to only be for festival seasons. In Kaiserslautern, you can eat this tasty, thin tarte flambée filled with crème fraiche, ham and cheese year-round at Flammkuche restaurant.
Life is busy, but it can be less stressful if you take the time to do the things that better you and lift your mood. It’s easy to put the things you enjoy to the side because you’re buried under the piles of demanding tasks and stress that come with life.
Whether you find yourself constantly moving with the military or you are just wanting to work for yourself, set your hours and be your own boss, entrepreneurship may be a path for you. More women are turning to entrepreneurship for employment to have more control over their work/life balance.
One of our go-to meals on the weekend is a breakfast hash, using whatever veggies are in our fridge or in season. While hashes are great for brunch, this is also a very easy weeknight dinner and a great way to use up any odds and ends!
While it’s true that the kitchen aid known as a spaetzle press would make the making a breeze, you can use a boiled egg slicer and other seldom-used instruments.
You’ve been committed to the gym for a while now and yet you still feel as if you’ve made little to no progress. While there are different variables that may be at fault, here are seven common mistakes people make in and outside the gym that you might also be making.
When we arrived in Germany, we were brand-spanking-new newlyweds, ready to live the European lifestyle.
If you asked me five years ago if I’d care for a cup of tea, I would’ve scrunched my nose up and said: “No, thanks.” Back in the States, I’ve always loved going to Teavana and enjoyed smelling the tea leaves and admiring the cute teapots on display, but I couldn’t ever bring myself to actually en
According to Danish culture, the word “hygge” means coziness and that feeling of contentment. You know that feeling of being bundled up in your favorite blanket on a cold winter’s day? That’s hygge—a lifestyle the Danish have adopted well.
During the dark, gloomy times in the winter, many people struggle with the winter blues, which includes feeling down, tired, sad, unenergized and maybe even a little depressed. Luckily, there is an easy way to battle bad moods and improve your general mental health: Exercise.
It’s cold outside and you might think that sun protection is for the summer. Even though the temperature is cooler, the sun is still powerful, so continue to wear sunscreen with sun protective factor (SPF) of at least 15 with both UVA and UVB protection every day.
It’s all well and good to set lofty goals at the start of the New Year, but how often it happens that one week in, we find ourselves flailing already. Instead of kicking yourself for not having arisen at 5 a.m.