German Christmas gifts: travel size products from German drug stores

German Christmas gifts: travel size products from German drug stores

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

The avid traveler on your gift list will no doubt appreciate an item that suggests their upcoming is just around the corner. If the person in question is a weekend warrior, budget-traveling superstar, he or she has most likely mastered the art of traveling with minimal baggage. The European Union’s current regulations pertaining to the size of liquids limits the size you need to work with. Here are three handy items your travel-loving friend might well find useful, all of which are available in convenient, regulation-adherent travel sizes at your local German drugstore:

REI in der Tube: This instantly recognizable, bright yellow tube is filled with a concentrated gel-like substance which suds up nicely in water of any temperature in a basin or sink and allows you to wash those articles of clothing you might suddenly find yourself short of from socks to T’s. As it has no bleach or coloring agents, it can be used to wash almost anything. Its lemony fragrance is rather pleasant as well. A 30 ml tube comes in at less than 2 euros at DM or Rossmann.

SOS Desinfektions-Tücher: These handy pre-moistened towelettes combine the convenience of a wipe with the disinfecting properties of an instant hand sanitizer. According to the package, they are 99.99 % effective against bacteria, viruses and funguses. (To be at their germ-fighting best, the application process should last as long as a minute.) In addition to functioning as a hand cleaner, they can be used to remove nasty viruses lurking on hard surfaces too. Do bear in mind this is a serious product and not to be used on babies or small children. A pack of ten towelettes costs about one euro.

Penaten Original Medicated Cream: Any product that’s been on the market since 1904 must be pretty good at what it’s meant to do. While the primary purpose of this cream is to soothe a baby’s bottom, its gentle nature makes this product a safe choice for a number of adult dry skin concerns too. As it contains zinc oxide, it can also be used for the relief of itching due to eczema, minor burns and scalds. Distance hikers will appreciate its soothing properties on chafed skin. The iconic, compact, snazzy blue and gold tin in which it is sold fits nicely into small pockets and when empty, it can easily be washed out and refilled with another product. Fifty ml of this cream will set you back less than two euros.

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