German Christmas gifts: Em-eukal lozenge

German Christmas gifts: Em-eukal lozenge

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

No one wants a yucky cold, particularly at Christmas time. But should one strike, there’s a German product set to relieve that scratchy throat.

Em-eukal is the brand name for a range of lozenges and similar products that cross lines between candy and medicinal. The lozenge has a clever little marketing tool which sets it apart from similar products: a red and white tab protruding from its wrapper, proclaiming “Nur echt mit der Fahne” or “Only authentic with the flag.” The tab allows the consumer to remove the wrapper from the candy without actually having to touch it. Maybe that’s no big thing for us today, but back in the 1950s, when Em-eukal cough drops were prescribed to miners in the Ruhr district, that little tab would have proved handy.

Em-eukal cough drops are the brainchild of Dr. Carl Soldan, a pharmacist who first set up shop in Nuremberg in 1899 and developed his Em-eukal cough drops in 1923. The company credits its success through the generations to use of top-quality ingredients and steady expansion of its product line. In addition to cough drops, the company makes aecht Bayrischer Blockmalz, a malt sugar throat soother reminiscent of licorice; Kinder Em-eukal, a vitamin-enriched cough drop for children; and soothing gumdrops. Less medicinal and more for fun are its Rheila licorice and Bären gummy bear range of products.

With flavors including honey, lemon, ginger and orange and no unpleasant and unnatural tasting by-products, the drops can be quite pleasant.

Travel tip: Those prone to colds or those who simply enjoy such products can pick up the company’s range of products at the Em-eukal factory outlet located at Dr. Carl Soldan Square 1, 91325 Adelsdorf.

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