FoodOgraphy: Germany and Spain

FoodOgraphy: Germany and Spain

by Readers and Staff
Stripes Europe

Our food-loving readers and staff have shared mouthwatering photos of their favorite culinary creations and some of their best meals around Europe. Add these must-eat places to your next itinerary!

This slightly sweet pastry will melt in your mouth, since it’s made with whipped cream (or, as the Germans call it, ‘Schlagsahne’’) for the filling. Enjoy at any of the bakeries around town. — By Allyson Campbell

Homemade avocado and chocolate mousse with cacao powder on the bottom ... mix and eat. — By Will H.

Mixed Paella (meat and seafood) at Restaurante El Gomero in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. — By Tara Doré

Mixed vegetables and rosti served piping hot in a cast-iron skillet at Goldener Löwe in Bayreuth, Germany. — By Rebecca Utz

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