The holidays are quickly approaching and so are the (sometimes much needed) holiday cocktails! This yummy concoction is one my family is anxiously awaiting. 
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Servings: 2
Asbach is a brandy produced on the basis of wine distillates and a specialty of one of our favorite charming towns along the Rhine: Rüdesheim.
Lebkuchen, St. Nicholas Day, fire-tongs punch, Advent wreaths, Christmas Eve traditions… These are just a few of the things I quickly heard about and observed during our first Christmas in Germany. But what was the significance of some of these German Christmas rituals?
For many families, an overseas posting results in forging bonds with the host nation that are destined to last a lifetime.
Since many of Germany's beloved Christmas markets are being canceled this year, why not bring the Christmas market into your home?
Grab a warm cup of hot cocoa, a reindeer-shaped sugar cookie - or two - and snuggle up in a cozy blanket on the couch. It’s time for some Christmas movie magic!
The classic French dish known as Coq au Vin is a chicken braised in wine and garlic, typically accompanied by mushrooms, onions and cubes of bacon. The wine most often used to create this rich and hearty dish is a red Burgundy wine.
Arriving in a foreign country, one faces many challenges, and navigating an unfamiliar healthcare system may seem like an under¬taking best left avoided.
I don’t think I am alone in reminiscing on Oktoberfests past and anxiously awaiting when we get to attend our favorite German festivals again.
My husband is a shift worker, which means that more often than not, he can be found hard at work on Christmas day itself. But that doesn’t stop us from celebrating the festive season. We’ve adapted to his schedule by inviting our friends to come by any time before or after December 25.
From pumpkin spice everything to apple pie, fall is one of the greatest times to indulge in some serious seasonal food. With temperatures cooling down, utilize the oven or turn on the stove top and consider creating some of these crowd favorites.
Dinner Ideas
While calling Germany home, you’re apt to hear the term Advent used more often than you would stateside.
Anxiety is something that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. For anyone who battles with anxiety, unfortunately, you know the feeling of drowning in self-doubt, constant worry, and panic attacks.
Black bottom cupcakes make the world go-round!
Advent calendars have come a long way. If you’d been given one of the first commercially printed editions of the early 1900s, you would have delighted in each day’s ration of a little picture, poem or a few words of a story.
Comfort food never tasted so good!

3 cups flour, all-purpose
1 ½ tsp salt
5 eggs
3 egg yolks
3 tbsp olive oil

Ravioli filling