Enjoy cocktails under the sea in Berlin's coolest bar

Photo by panama7
Photo by panama7

Enjoy cocktails under the sea in Berlin's coolest bar

by Kristi Adams
Stripes Europe

One of the most intriguing bars in the world can be found in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin. Towering 25 meters high in the hotel lobby is the AquaDom, a shimmering blue cylindrical aquarium. Over 1,500 tropical fish from over 110 different species flit through the aquarium – a flash of silvers, sunset oranges and neon blues catching the light streaming in from the hotel’s glass ceiling. 

Beneath the mesmerizing swirling water is the chic Atrium Bar. Lamps take the form of sea anemones, perched atop pearlescent cocktail tables. Crescent blue chairs dot the space like sea shells. If there is a more relaxing bar, I have yet to find it.   

Beer and wine are available, but the real star of the show here are the cocktails. All cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, and you’ll find all of the classics here. Mint juleps, Sazeracs, martinis, Old-fashioned’s, Mai-Tai’s and more are on the menu.

If you’re in Berlin – this is one gem you don’t want to miss. 

Take it from me.


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