Embrace the great outdoors

Embrace the great outdoors

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s easy to get stuck in the same pattern. To be honest, the average lifestyle doesn’t offer much wiggle room these days. So, when a few free hours appear in your week, it’s important for your mind and body to take full advantage of the opportunity. The easiest free time example would be kicking back on the couch with snacks and a mindless film, while you slowly drift into a nap. Of course, it’s nice to relax in the comfort of your home, but the advantages of embracing the great outdoors are significant. The outdoors offers a natural space to find balance, relieve stress and feel excited.


Surrounded by a man-made atmosphere for most of our lives, finding a balance is increasingly important. When traveling to new places, appreciating the architecture and lifestyle of a city is important. However, discovering the balance of time with nature, in addition to the cobblestone towns can be the key to a wonderful trip. Some cities may have a local park in which you may spend a few hours out on the grass, but experiencing the nature just outside the city is cheap and easy. Find local hiking trails or natural pools to balance the city adventure.


Imagine a serene environment, one in which your eyes gaze to the still water and dust trails behind your footsteps. A seemingly boring location can serve as a strong stress reliever. Feel grounded by breathing the fresh air at the top of a mountain. By bringing yourself to connect with a calming outdoor location, you allow yourself to embrace nature in a meaningful way.


A white-water raft or an intense hike. There is something about the adventure aspect that some people will truly enjoy. Is there a hike that no one thinks you can finish? Prove them wrong. Find fun in the sweat as you pass through twisted branches and admire the small animals that shake the bushes. Capitalize on the natural jungle gym the earth provides beneath your feet by seeking excitement in the daring adventures.

Nature’s activities are endless. Although daily commitments or poor weather might get in the way, loving the earth we live on is important. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered right around the corner is often overlooked. So, whether it is a rush of endorphins or a peaceful walk, never let the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors out of your reach. Grab at the chance and make a habit out of appreciating earth’s natural creations.

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