Eight creative ways to drink more water

Eight creative ways to drink more water

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

You’ve heard it your entire life: drink more water. Water seems to be the magical cure for everything. Dry skin? Drink more water. Headache? Drink more water. The reality is, our bodies are entirely made up of water and ensuring our body is getting the proper amount of water a day only improves our overall health. But, are you getting the recommended eight glasses a day? Try these creative ways to drink more water.

1. Track it
Just like you track your steps, track your water intake. Use a daily to fill in water cups or try an app. Some apps will give you reminders to drink more water before the end of the day.

2. Carry a water bottle you like with you
Buying a water bottle that you like is part of the equation. Maybe it’s something colorful to brighten your day or simple that goes with your outfit. If you invest in a water bottle you would actually use, you’re more likely to drink more water.  Carrying it with you everywhere you go is a constant reminder that you have more water to drink. When it’s empty, refill it.

3. Set goals
Maybe it is hard for you to hop from one glass of water a day to eight. Try setting goals to increase your intake over a period of time.

4. Add flavor
It’s understandable if you think water is boring and tasteless. There are a few ways to add flavor to your daily cups of water. Infuse the water with fruit. Add slices of various fruits to your water bottle or pitcher to bring out a level of flavor water didn’t have before. Try low-sugar flavor packs. Find the balance between adding too much sugar to your daily intake and finding a flavor you can enjoy. Stir together the mixture to enjoy a glass that isn’t tasteless. For a fresh taste, crush herbs like mint to add to your water.

5. Switch to sparkling water
Is water still boring? Would you still opt for a fizzy soda? Swap the soda for seltzer water. This way you still get the fizzy sensation, while building your water consumption of the day.

6. Change the temperature
If you’re getting tired of boring iced water, drink hot teas.  Hot water with lemon or herbs can change up the routine and is good for inflammation.

7. Munch on heavily water enriched foods
Water comes in all forms and some foods have a high-water content. Add foods like melon, cucumber, cabbage or berries to your diet to increase your water consumption.

8. Compete with friends
Find a group of friends that motivate each other to be healthy. In addition to doing physical activity together, compete with each other to see who can drink more water. Everyone can benefit from the help of others pushing you to do your best.

Whether it is a big or small change, try implementing one of these tips into your routine to drink more water. Maintain a healthy functioning body with more sips of water a day. 

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