Cooking for two (or less): 2 healthy resources

Cooking for two (or less): 2 healthy resources

by Taylor Gillespie
Stripes Europe

Let’s be honest, going through all the work to cook for two people or less can be a hassle. There are so many days it is much easier to just pick up something frozen at the store or eat out rather than mess up the entire kitchen to make such a small portion. Everywhere you look most of the cooking resources and cookbooks are made for families with four or more people in them. After years of looking through everything online, I have found two resources you absolutely need if you are trying to cook more at home and you have two people or less in your home.

1. Cook once, eat all week cookbook

I could not wait for this book to be available to order online. I think having the majority of my food prepared for the week is one of the best feelings, so when I heard about this cookbook, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I was worried that the recipe list would be too long or that I would not have the right kitchen appliances but that is not the case at all! While this cookbook is designed to prepare meals for an entire family, I have found this book to be extremely easy to use to cook for two people or just for myself. I usually just cut all the portions in half or skip a recipe I am not as interested in making. My absolute favorite part of this cookbook is the breakdown of calories and macros at the back. If I am going to put the effort into buying, prepping and cooking food, then I definitely want to know the nutritional breakdown of everything I am eating. This book is also great for people looking to start meal-prepping more because it gives you a variety of meals with similar proteins so you are not stuck eating the same thing all week.


It probably sounds cheesy to recommend the commissaries website for cooking tips, but I seriously use their site several times a month. I love the ability to filter through recipes. I also love that you can find all of the ingredients at their store. So often, I will see a recipe in a cookbook and the lengthy ingredient list turns into a scavenger hunt. That is not the case with All you have to do is click the recipes section and then you can filter for 20 minute meals or healthy recipes. All of the recipes give you a serving size and you can easily divide them in half for recipes that offer four servings. This website has been really helpful while stationed in Europe because I utilize the commissary way more than I did in the States.

While these two resources are excellent for two people or less, they are still a great option for families as well!

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