Benefits of the all-Italian Caprese salad

Benefits of the all-Italian Caprese salad

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

Living in Europe, it is easy to taste the world. International cuisines are at your fingertips around every corner. Finding a favorite food among the countless meals might be difficult, but falling in love with the Italian Caprese salad is not as hard. With three simple ingredients, the salad hosts a significant serving of vitamins and nutrients beneficial to your daily intake. Whether it is a small portion as a quick snack, or a larger meal, slicing up these three ingredients is sure to satisfy your craving and increase your body’s health.


Rich in antioxidants, the nutrition in tomatoes has a wide range of vitamins that contribute to our health. The main antioxidant agent is highly effective in defending against prostate cancer, stomach cancers, cervical cancer and others. These antioxidants also prevent cardiovascular diseases and are known to lower cholesterol levels. Their density contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and iron. One tomato can serve around 40 percent of the daily vitamin C recommendation. Whereas, vitamin A is helpful in improving vision and protecting against lung cancer. In addition, the nutrients in tomatoes aid digestion, lower hypertension and maintain healthy skin, teeth, hair and bones.


To this day, basil is used as an herbal treatment in traditional and folk medicine in places such as India and Southeast Asia. The herb contains essential oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and magnesium. Basil serves as a strong anti-inflammatory with enzyme-inhibiting oils. Like the tomato, the antioxidants in basil are helpful in naturally preventing cancer, specifically skin, liver, oral and lung cancer. Overlooked in basil are the essential oils that defend against dangerous bacterial growth including yeast, molds and viruses. Additionally, basil has been found to help your body adapt to increased tensions and regulate the impact of stressors on bodily functions, therefore acting as an anti-stress aid.  


The most obvious benefit from dairy is calcium. Calcium found in mozzarella is beneficial to weight loss and protects against breast cancer. In addition, calcium is a player in bone structure and protects tooth enamel.  The wide range of vitamins found in mozzarella play a significant role in bone growth, vision and healthy skin. Rich in protein, this cheese boosts energy and is a good source for muscle maintenance.

Chop into a plate and drizzle olive oil on top for even more health benefits. Use these nutritious facts as excuses to eat your new favorite salad all the time. 

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