Authentic Austrian cuisine

Authentic Austrian cuisine

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Craving something new lately? Take a trip to Salzburg to savor in some amazing Austrian cuisine at Augustiner Braugasthof! Established in 1548, Augustiner Braugasthof offers history, food and locally made beer for prices that you won’t be able to deny.

In the warmer months, dine outside in the gardens under the shade of the chestnut trees while enjoying your food. In the winter, sit inside one of the quaint, cozy rooms and forget about the cold, dreary weather outside. Either way, the setting will enhance your eagerness for the imminent tasty meal.

When entering the restaurant, you will walk down an arched hallway with stone and wooden floors that immediately radiate a sense of old quality. The hallway invites the delicious smell of food being cooked. Once in the dining area, you can feel the restaurant’s history. The stone pillars and beautiful, arched windows with wood trim add a special touch to the restaurant’s ambiance. The wooden tables and chairs appear to have seen many, many years despite being in good shape.

Home cooking and hospitality are very important to this traditional restaurant. Featuring both local and seasonal products, the food will excite your senses. Expect to find mouthwatering things like cheese soup, goulash, white sausages and chocolate cake on the menu.Though the menu is written entirely in German, the staff is extremely friendly and happy to help you decide on the perfect meal. If you can’t make up your mind, simply ask for a recommendation. It is apparent that the staff has a passion for the food they serve and want you to adore every bite.

Looking for beer to compliment your meal? No problem. The restaurant serves beer directly from the Augustiner Bräu brewery, which was started in 1621 by Augustinian monks. The beer is stored in wooden casks and served in steins. House favorites include Märzen and Bock beer. For Christmas, there is a seasonal, sweet lager – similar to a cellar beer – that is added to the list.

Now onto the final course – dessert! Be sure to order the chocolate cake for dessert made with apricot jam and rum. This adds quite an unexpected kick to the flavor! Layers of sugary goodness are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. If chocolate isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There is an apple dessert that will be calling your name.  No one will be able to deny these decadent desserts to finish up their fantastic meal.

Augustiner Braugasthof Krimpelstätter is the perfect local restaurant to experience Austrian cuisine at its finest, without costing a fortune. For around 40 euro, a family of two can enjoy an appetizer, drinks, main dishes, and a shared dessert. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, even if you don’t speak the local language. Don’t hesitate to check out this local favorite. Here’s to a delightful evening out in Austria. Prost!  


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