An Advent calendar for every taste

An Advent calendar for every taste

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

Advent calendars have come a long way. If you’d been given one of the first commercially printed editions of the early 1900s, you would have delighted in each day’s ration of a little picture, poem or a few words of a story. By the 1950s, you could have scored big-time by receiving a version containing pieces of chocolate molded into festive shapes. Nowadays, clever marketers stuff their calendars with just about any product known to mankind, so if you’re living in Germany and are looking to delight that special someone for 24 days straight in the run-up to Christmas, here are just a few calendars that could help you do the job:

Tea lovers: A different type of organic herbal tea, including several Christmas-y flavors, is sure to help the recipient of dm drugstore’s Tee Adventskalender to ease into December’s dark mornings.

Beauty queens (and kings): Major drug store chains sell a variety of calendars filled with grooming and personal care products for both men and women. Makeup, nail polish and colognes are just some of the subcategories available. Those missing the spa experience this season might feel warm all over upon receiving German cult brand Kneipp’s calendar filled with bath oils, creams, lotions and other pampering products. Dreams of a trip to Provence, France can perhaps be soothed by L’Occitane’s calendar brimming with fragrant gels, shampoos and other things sure to make you look and feel ooh-la-la.

Sweet-tooths: Celebrate the return of Christmas markets when you order this Lebkuchen-filled calendar from Schmidt, a 90-year-old company based in Germany’s gingerbread capital city of Nuremberg.

Chocoholics: Stroll through the aisles of any supermarket and your choices of candy-stuffed calendars are almost endless. Hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts might enjoy a calendar filled with the individually wrapped and thus highly portable Ritter sports bars in seven different flavors, including almond mousse and cinnamon nougat cream.

LEGO and Harry Potter fans: There’s no need to decide between two loves when this calendar unites the world’s favorite toy building bricks with its most beloved magic film franchise. After all, who wouldn’t want your favorite Hogwarts students sporting Christmas sweaters?

Beer drinkers: A calendar brimming with all sorts of tasty beers can be yours to give away, share or keep all to yourself when you order this calendar from online specialist Larger supermarkets and beverage shops also carry beer calendars, so perhaps it’s time to return those bottles?

Toys and candy kids: Ferrero, the company behind Kinder Eggs, makes an egg-shaped calendar filled with tiny toys and chocolate-y treats. Due to its tiny parts, it wouldn’t be suitable for households in which small children reside, and it would be highly inadvisable to even consider mailing this one stateside, where, at least until recently, the iconic toy egg was considered contraband.

Pet owners: Pet food chain Fressnapf offers a range of calendars containing tasty treats for dogs, cats and small gnawing animals such as rabbits and hamsters.

Peanuts fans: Fans of Snoopy might do a happy dance over this calendar containing 24 pairs of socks embellished with the images of the ever-observant beagle and his gang. Sneaker socks, sports socks and cuddly at-home socks will keep feet cute and toasty warm through the winter.

Do it yourself-ers: The German company Wera, makers of screwdrivers and other handy tools, offers an Advent calendar in the form of a mini-workshop filled with bits and sockets and other devices for twisting and turning jobs in tight spaces. There’s even a bottle opener thrown in for good measure.

Some like it hot: Fans of hot and spicy might like this calendar sold by Corasol which serves up 24 sorts of chili peppers ranging in heat from mild to the hellishly hot Carolina Reaper, which currently tops the Scoville rating used to measure pepper pungency.

Missing my glühwein-ers: For many, the best part of Christmas markets is the opportunity to drink mulled wine with friends and family. This calendar gives you the chance to sample a range of tasty flavors and styles, from a Glögg to a Punsch to a winter Hugo. 

Which calendar tops your wish list?

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