As a parent of young children, your time may not always feel like your own. Despite best efforts to stay on top of your family's schedule, it may seem like there's always another mess to clean or mouth to feed. Finding time to exercise...
As my eyes become uncontrollably heavy at my desk, I can’t help but think to myself, “If only I had slept better last night!” Coffee runs and energy drinks may help you fuel up during the day, but to provide a cheaper and healthier solution, consider these tips for a better night’s sleep.  
When it’s time to imbibe in Germany, a drinker faces decision time: a mug of frothy beer, likely brewed in accordance with the 500-year-old Beer Purity Law, or a glass of wine—chilled crisp white Riesling, perhaps?
Closing my eyes made the spinning thoughts in my head swirl faster. I got out of bed and tried anything I could to make myself fall asleep. I tried watching television, counting sheep and reading a book, but nothing was working. Maybe sleep is overrated.
An afternoon break for a spot of tea accompanied by some sweet and savory treats to nibble on has been a beloved British tradition since the 1840s, when the Duchess of Bedford, feeling a bit peckish, decided a little snack mid-afternoon was just the thing needed to carry her through to the evenin
So you didn’t go gaga for the asparagus that works Germany into its annual springtime food frenzy. Perhaps you’ll find the next national obsession with seasonal produce more to your taste?
Germany’s tidy, chocolate-box villages are a sight to see in any season, but never more so than during the warm months of the year, when all that picturesque-ness is set off with a profusion of growing green, from arches dripping with grape-laden vines to ancient stone walls covered in trailing i
(StatePoint) As summer approaches, pools are great for play, exercise and therapy. However, it is critical that while enjoying ourselves, we take appropriate safety precautions.
It’s time to grab your popcorn and order your tickets! Following a 36-year hiatus, the saga of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returns to the big screen in “Top Gun: Maverick” next week.
Many people practice yoga, especially now more than ever from the comfort of their own home. It is very accessible to roll out a yoga mat, follow tutorials and mirror any sort of video you can get your hands on. Your body reaps the benefits of yoga if you hold the stretches long enough.
Many years ago I visited friends who lived in Paris, and due to their busy jobs, I mainly wandered the city alone. It was one of the most daunting yet exciting moments of my life. 
Hours of sight-seeing have made you ravenous, so you’ve taken a break to down some pommes frites and a foamy beverage. But you’re not in France-- you’re in Belgium, where the locals still dispute the origin of “French” fries and crafting beer is a fine art, hundreds of years in the making.
One of the best experiences on a warm summer’s day in Germany is to meander through a city’s Altstadt and drop by one of its many "Eiscafés," ice cream places. One can either hope to snag a table outdoors and feast on a fancy gelato dessert served in a bowl the size of a baby’s head, or just grab
A week after arriving in Germany in 2013, my husband and I walked out of a restaurant and saw a large fire burning in the middle of the town square. Biergarten tables filled with revelers drinking beer and eating Brotzeit(pretzels)surrounded the blaze.
Besides a great looking lawn, nothing showcases the backyard quite like a cookout. But anything worth doing is worth doing right. So when it comes to grilling your next ribeye steak, take a cue from world-class chefs who are all turning up the heat.
Recording trips these days are often done through a smartphone. Your plane ticket, maps, pictures, down to your itineraries are kept in digital form and are easily forgotten. If you’re like me, you prefer writing things down and having physical copies of things often kept on our phones.