Living in Germany? Plan ahead for the hot weather that's coming or you may be spending time camped out at the air-conditioned commissary.
Stay-at-home evenings might have become the new normal, but that doesn’t mean each and every one of them has to revolve around the same old drill. On the hunt for a new activity to share amongst a small circle of friends that doesn’t involve the TV or the grill?
You’ve heard it your entire life: drink more water. Water seems to be the magical cure for everything. Dry skin? Drink more water. Headache? Drink more water.
One of the greatest joys (or perhaps disagreements) of traveling is planning where to eat. The obvious choice in Cologne is German food. For those of us that have been living in Germany for a while, we know that German food gets old pretty quick.
Tasting unique, one-of-a-kind regional food is one of my favorite things about moving to a new assignment. You can discover amazing, authentic flavors that you may not have otherwise tried. Burnt ends in Kansas City? Yes, thanks. Loco mocos and malasadas in Hawaii? Check.
More often than not, the main reason people skip exercising is because they dread it. You may find it hard to wake up early to hit the gym. The thought of being out of breath and turning red doesn’t appeal to you. Or you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day.
Food is a fantastic vehicle to bring people together. Celebrations around the world center around feasting, drinking and merriment. It’s a common love language and something we’ve all got to do. However, there can also be disagreements. Culinary debates have raged for eons seemingly without end.
Flea market fans in Germany may have stumbled across a large lidded ceramic pot, with or without the word “Rumtopf,” or rum pot, inscribed on its side. This hefty piece of ceramic might have been sold alongside a set of matching mugs.
Running around Europe for the past few years has given me some incredible opportunities to try some truly amazing food. From the sweets in France to the savory sandwiches in Portugal, I have zero regrets about eating my way through many of the countries.
You are now leaving the American Sector and the land of Dollar General and Dollar Tree. "Herzlich Willkommen" to the country of EuroShop and Tedi!
Whether you are planning regular vacations with your four-legged friend or family members simply want you to take Fido when you attend holiday gatherings, travelling with your dog certainly can be easier said than done.  Here are some top tips to help you keep your dog happy and safe when racking
We’ve all been there — a really long day at work. A micromanaging boss, a co-worker who snuck into the fridge and ate your lunch, hours spent in meetings which could have (and should have) been conducted via email.
If there’s one takeaway from living in Germany it is that Germans excel at many things they put their minds to. From cars to beers, Germans definitely know about quality, and their wine is no exception.
Although it’s not for all tastes or seasons, strong alcohol has deep roots in European culture, and, as in so many other things, traditions vary greatly as you move across the continent. For many travelers, tasting the national cuisine is a must.
With many events canceled and public venues closed, the backyard is likely going to be the new hot spot destination for families nationwide. But staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Using these tips, you can put together an afternoon of sunshine and fun, right in your own backyard.
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