Italy’s third-largest city is undeniably a bit tatty around its edges. With its chaotic traffic and untidy streets peopled with rough-looking characters, it’s the kind of place one feels the need to constantly keep one’s guard up.
Don’t judge me and my highly competitive personality — but there’s something incredibly satisfying about winning a step challenge against family and friends. I used to be the Queen of Steps until I started working and found myself staring at a computer majority of the day.
Volunteering can be such a fulfilling activity. It provides much-needed services in areas as well as providing volunteers an opportunity to give back, meet new people and learn new skills.
Known as the semi-official street food of Berlin, currywurst actually has some roots in Great Britain. Herta Heuwer, owner of a food stand in 1949, acquired ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and curry powder from British Troops by trading them spirits.
Stroll through a German grocery store or market in February, and at first glance – it looks as if both Halloween and Valentine’s Day are being celebrated together. 
The stress brought on by the coronavirus pandemic presents challenges for everyone and may affect relationships. This can be especially true of intimate partner relationships.
Fika (verb). Gathering together to talk and take a break from everyday routines, usually drinking coffee and eating pastries, either at a cafe or at home and often for hours on end.
It’s hours before Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re the one bringing the pumpkin pie. But there are only so many hours in the day, and you’re pressed for time.
Valentine’s Day can be a contentious holiday. Some people revel in the flowers, chocolate and air of romance. My angsty teen self referred to it as “Singles Awareness Day,” and now my spouse just bugs me every year about not wanting to do anything special.
Compared to its cruciferous cousins, red cabbage often takes a backseat. Years of pickling and over-boiling have left a bad taste in many a mouth. Chock full of vitamins A, C, E and fiber, red cabbage is a vibrant addition to salads.
Brrr, it is ever cold out there! On blustery winter days, be inspired to go outdoors and turn to an activity that came about thanks to technology developed by and for the U.S. military, some techie computer types, and a love for the great outdoors.
Stationed in Italy? What a dream come true! Or maybe you’re a first time traveler to the Mediterranean’s largest island? Whatever the case may be, we hope you’re ready to do some mighty good eating while you’re there!
Moving to Germany? Here are 10 mouthwatering snacks to look out for.
One of the small pleasures of life in Germany is being able to partake in the almost sacred ritual of enjoying an afternoon break for “Kaffee und Kuchen,” coffee and cake.
I run a water management system in my house. Depending on if it’s raining, if it’s laundry day or it has been extra humid, you’ll find various pitchers, buckets and other vessels placed around my house.
"Flammkuchen," tarte flambée, doesn’t have to only be for festival seasons. In Kaiserslautern, you can eat this tasty, thin tarte flambée filled with crème fraiche, ham and cheese year-round at Flammkuche restaurant.