6 holiday food swaps that will save you hundreds of calories

6 holiday food swaps that will save you hundreds of calories

by Betsy Ramirez, MEd, RDN
Stripes Europe

It’s a proven fact that many of us gain weight during the holidays. It’s just not as much as you may think. Several studies found that on average holiday weight gain is around 1 pound. However, those who are already overweight are more likely to gain more. 

Paying attention to what is going on your plate can help you stay on track during the holiday season. Using smaller plates, eating before you go to a party, bringing a healthier side dish, and drinking water are some strategies that can prove successful before the party starts. Having a strategy for what is served on the table is just as important as what you choose. Swap out higher-calorie options for lighter alternatives to save. 

1. Drinks

  • Swap 1 cup of egg nog = 220 calories 
  • For 1 cup of champagne =180 calories 
  • Savings: 40 calories per serving 

2. Dips

  • Swap sour cream = 300 calories 
  • For Greek yogurt = 90 calories 
  • Savings: 210 calorie savings in an entire dip 

3. Casseroles

  • Swap green bean casserole = 80 calories per . cup 
  • For freshly cooked green beans = 38 calories per cup 
  • Savings: 42 calories 

4. Chips

  • Swap 1 ounce of tortilla chips =142 calories per ounce 
  • For veggies = 30 calories per 1 cup serving 
  • Savings: 112 calories 

5. Potatoes

  • Swap 1/2 cup of sweet potato casserole = 150 calories 
  • For 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes = 60 calories per serving 
  • Savings: 90 calories 

6. Cheesecake

  • Swap cheesecake = 400 calories a slice 
  • For 1 cup of fruit with 1 tablespoon of Strawberry Cheesecake Dip =100 calories 
  • Savings: 300 calories 

What are your favorite healthy alternatives for holiday dining? Let us know at contentteam@stripes.com.


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