6 European treats to cool you down

6 European treats to cool you down

by Shereece Spain
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Summertime foods, especially desserts, are truly my favorite. They’re usually much lighter, so it feels healthier (even if it really isn’t). Now that you’re in Europe, I invite you to try what summertime brings to European tables.

Germany: Bavarian Cream

Not quite the same as the filling in one of Dunkin’s donuts; however, oh so delicious! The traditional Bavarian cream (Bayerische Crème) dessert is more gelatinous and flavored with chocolate, fruit or liqueur.

France: Parfait

Americans are used to a parfait being a layered dessert with yogurt, fruit and sometimes granola topped with whipped cream. However, the original version from France is actually more similar to ice cream with liqueur. Here’s a recipe for a walnut parfait.

Italy: Panna Cotta

Hailing from Northern Italy, this light, pudding-like dessert is usually infused with coffee, liqueur, vanilla, or chocolate. It’s often topped with a complimentary sauce made of fruit, chocolate or liqueur. Try this recipe for a mango panna cotta.

Belgiam: Waffles and ice cream

I felt obliged to include a familiar, comfort food. Belgium is renowned for their delicious waffles. However, when you top those with your favorite ice cream … wow! Here’s a waffle recipe for you to whip up. Top them with your favorite ice cream (and maybe chocolate syrup or caramel sauce).

Netherlands: Vlaai

This dessert will remind you of a traditional American fruit pie, which are not traditionally known as summertime desserts. A vlaai is thinner than the pie you’re used to and can be filled with either fruit or a smooth custard. Give this apricot vlaai recipe a shot.

Spain: Gazpacho

Poor soup! It really gets left out in the summer, except in Spain. Served cold and sometimes in a glass, this tomato-based dish makes an excellent frosty appetizer to any summer meal. Here is the recipe to one version I like.

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