5 yoga poses for the whole family to practice this summer!

5 yoga poses for the whole family to practice this summer!

by Addison O'Shea
Stripes Europe

No yoga mat? No yoga studio? No problem! Take advantage of the warm weather while you can and practice these simple beginner poses with your child. Each pose can be done in the backyard, at the park, at the beach or wherever this summer leads you!

1. Inhale Pose

Begin your practice with some deep breathing. The inhale pose is the best way to quiet the mind and the body. Together with your child (either standing up straight or sitting with a straight back), take a series of deep breaths in through the nose, and then out slowly through the nose with your mouth shut. Repeat until you’re ready to move on to the next pose.

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2. Bird Pose

This pose is simple and fun! Pretend you’re a bird! Have your child stand on their tiptoes with their arms reaching out to the sides. Then have fun with it! Flap your arms like a bird; pretend you’re flying through the air! This pose helps with balance and concentration.

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3. Flamingo Pose

If you’re looking for a little more practice with concentration try the flamingo pose. Similar to how you would picture a flamingo, stand tall and then slowly raise one knee. Try keeping your hands above your head! Count to eight before switching sides!

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4. Kite Pose

As we slowly begin to wrap up this yoga practice, expand the chest and bring more oxygen to the body with the kite pose! Have your child stand tall and then bring their hands above their head, with hands palm to palm (prayer position). Then, slowly have them stretch from side to side. Have them hold the stretch on each side for an eight-second count.


5. Table Pose

Finally, you and your kiddos can become the table you always wanted. Just kidding. Work your core and chest by lying on your back with knees bent, feet planted on the ground. Then place your palms behind you and use your arms to raise yourself into a table position. If you’re really up for a challenge take turns with your child pretending to eat a meal or set the table, while the other person holds the position!

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It’s never to early to start developing healthy habits, and these fun on-the-go yoga poses are the perfect way to stay cool, stay outdoors and stay active all summer long!

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