5 Business ideas for women: Using your artistic skills

Female art instructor with adult students
Female art instructor with adult students

5 Business ideas for women: Using your artistic skills

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

Whether you find yourself constantly moving with the military or you are just wanting to work for yourself, set your hours and be your own boss, entrepreneurship may be a path for you. More women are turning to entrepreneurship for employment to have more control over their work/life balance. In 2019, 42 percent of small businesses in America were owned and operated by women, up from 4.6 percent in 1972 and 29 percent in 2010, according to earthweb.com.

Of course, starting your own business comes with various tasks and pros and cons, such as start-up and production costs, scheduling, marketing designs and flooded markets. You can combat some of the cons, such as scheduling dedicated time to your fledgling business: get away from distractions by working from a local café or coffee shop. You can get some productivity out of this time just for you and your ideas, while supporting a local business when you purchase a tasty treat to go with those marked checkboxes. Bonus points if it’s a woman-owned business.

Every month, we are going to present 5 business ideas for women based on different themes such as education, hospitality and care, content creation and editing. This month, we are talking about businesses you can start using your artistic skills.


  1. Photography

Even in a world of social media and selfies, professional photographers are still needed to commemorate special events and moments in people’s lives. Everyone still needs their senior year, wedding, graduation and family pictures taken no matter where they live in the world. You can also expand your clientele by offering services such as aerial photography, pet photography, product photography, food photography and real estate photography. For those located in the KMC area in Germany, you can get some tips on registering your business here.


  1. Soap, Candle and Jewelry Making

People are always looking for gifts and items that stand out. Why should someone pay $20 for a generic store-brand candle when you can offer them a custom candle where they can request specific colors, shapes, designs and scents for a similar price? If you’ve got a flare for homemade crafting you can sell at farmers’ markets, craft fairs and online.


  1. Sewing, Knitting and Embroidery

Fast Fashion is defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” Due the rapid production of these materials, many clothing articles made for these retailers end up in landfills and are often made in less-than-moral ways. As more and more is highlighted about the repercussions of Fast Fashion, people are turning to ethically produced and/or handmade items by local and regional designers. This is where your skills come in. As someone currently living in a freezing German winter, I am definitely on the hunt for some knitted scarves, beanies and blankets. These are also items that can be sold at craft fairs, farmers’ markets and online.


  1. Art Tutor or Paint-and-Sip Host

If you can draw and paint and have plenty of patience, instructing others may be the path for you. Many military families choose to homeschool their children because of the constant moving, but may not have the artistic talents to properly instruct the children in art. That’s where you come in to supplement with art classes. If working with kids isn’t for you, there is a lot of demand for paint-and-sip events (especially in countries where the first language isn’t English). Have clients bring their own drinks, host the event at a picturesque location, or even host virtually. Your local Arts and Crafts Center is always looking for contractors to teach classes at times that work for you.


  1. Makeup Artist

Understanding color palettes, blending and mixing is vital to makeup artistry. People want to look nice for special events and will often bring in professionals to help them pull off their best looks. You can team up with a local photographer and/or hair stylist to offer clientele special packages.


For spouses living overseas, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families produced a helpful SOFA “Portability Roadmap” to help you navigate working overseas in various countries. Always check with your local, State, and national legal regulations for starting and running a business.



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