4 kid-friendly travel snacks

4 kid-friendly travel snacks

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

I have thoroughly enjoyed all our adventures throughout Europe so far. I have to admit, before our first trip, I was pretty anxious about traveling with little ones. After all, other people do it all the time, right? How hard could it be…? HA! Some moments were pure bliss. While others were. . . well, let’s just say they were less than ideal. While packing, accommodations and travel methods all became easier, food was one of those hit or miss areas. One of the easiest distractions for kids is food - from a long trip or wait for a table, touring yet another castle or historical site, riding along on the parents’ hike, etc. However, you can only feed them so much and it’s best to do so responsibly. Here are some of the choices our kiddos enjoyed.

Dried fruits - Regular fruit can get messy, especially with little fingers. Dried fruits are cleaner to travel with and tend to cause less mess.

Nuts - This one is all my dad’s fault. I grew up eating all kinds, so this is always a carb-friendly, go-to snack. Nut allergies are pretty common, so we tend to stick to pecans, walnuts and cashews - not peanuts.

Vegetable and fruit pouches - There are so many with just fruit. Try to get ones that include veggies as well. Getting them to eat healthily is hard enough at home sometimes. This is our sure way they have something good for them in their bellies while we’re away.

Whole-grain crackers - Ritz, Graham, Saltine, Animal. . . there are several options. You can even find them in convenient small prepackaged sizes.

Tip: It’s easy to allow them to snack more often on vacation, so take them to a park to help burn off the extra snacks and tire them out for a good sleep!

While you enjoy your travel adventures, be sure to snack responsibly!

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