4 dog breeds who make the best traveling buddies

4 dog breeds who make the best traveling buddies

by John Woods
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If you are planning to travel the globe with your faithful friend, it makes sense to consider which traits will be the most helpful during your adventures

Whilst your lifestyle and experience with dogs will ultimately play a huge part in the breed of dog you choose; below there is a list of four dog breeds who are particularly travel safe.

Whilst most dogs will make great traveling partners, providing they have been given the right amount of training and socialization, some breeds are particularly well suited to travelling due to their temperament.

German shepherd golden retriever mix

Intelligent, trainable, athletic and affectionate? Could you want a more perfect dog to accompany you on your adventures? As suggested, this impeccable pooch is a result of cross-breeding a German Shepherd Dog with a Golden Retriever.  German Shepherds are loved for their smarts, trainability and loyalty.  The Golden Retriever is just loved by everyone!  Have you ever met one who doesn’t eagerly meet everyone they see?

If you’re on your travels, you want a dog who you can train in important commands; especially recall.  You also want them to be house-trained and resilient in new places.  The GSD part will fly through their training and the happy-go-lucky nature of the Golden will keep them unfazed, no matter what the adventure.

The best small traveling dog

If you’d rather have a smaller dog to take on your travels, you may be more tempted with a Chorkie dog.  The Chihuahua cross Yorkshire Terrier is full of sass, smarts and smooches! Their small size makes it easier to transport.  Chorkies will range between 6-9 inches in height and weigh no more than 15 pounds.  Whilst they are feisty, they aren’t overly active, 30 minutes of exercise per day is ample.  The only downside is that they are known barkers, so if you have close neighbors during your stays, they will certainly know you have a feisty friend accompanying you! House-training can also be a little more of a challenge with this guy, so make sure you’ve nailed it before you book any vacations!

The classic travelling dog

One of the most popular dogs in the US is the Labrador Retriever. They are also brilliant traveling buddies.  Labradors are super-trainable, super-friendly and super-active.  With early and continued socialization and training, your Lab will happily interact with anyone you meet on your travels and those camping trips in the mountains won’t faze him in the slightest.  Equally, if you’re in hotels, your neighbors won’t even know he’s there; after a busy day exploring the sights he’ll be curled up by your feet! 

Classed as a medium-sized breed, they will take up a little more room traveling, but due to their chilled-out nature, you’ll barely notice them in the back of the car! Pack plenty of food along with some food puzzles to keep him occupied on those quieter days and don’t forget your towels.

A designer travel dog

Last but not least is the Cavapoo.  A slightly smaller pooch, the Cavapoo is the designer cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. 

Gentle and placid, these guys are perfect for those relaxing trips!  Coming in between 9-14 inches in height, these guys don’t take up much room in your hotel.  They are affectionate, friendly and loyal.  When trained and socialized from a young age, they will happily accept anyone you meet on your meanders through the town! Eager-to-please and intelligent, they will follow your lead in unfamiliar territory! While they are placid, Cavapoos still like their daily walks, so don’t hesitate to plan those longer ventures if there’s a landmark you want to see.  

Be mindful if you’ll be spending time around water through – Cavapoos are prone to ear infections and muddy water trapped in their ear is a prime spot for bacteria to multiply!

While these four breeds are great travel buddies, there are many more breeds who would be perfect additions. Consider where you will be traveling and how breed characteristics fit. If for example you are active and love hiking and trekking, you’d be better suited to a dog who has oodles of energy. If you’d rather more relaxing holidays that are quiet and peaceful, you would be better suited to a laid-back-lounger!  If you are going to be interacting with lots of people, a sociable dog will make your vacation much less stressful. If you prefer to be in a cabin in the middle of the woods, then a more aloof pooch will do just fine! 

John Woods is the editor in chief at All Things Dogs and graduate in Animal Behavior & Welfare.

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