Hiking trails near the KMC area to try this summer

Hiking trails near the KMC area to try this summer

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published: August 06, 2017

Summer is here, which means it is time to embrace the outdoors! One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to go hiking. There are hiking paths near the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) that can be done in a few hours, one day or multiple days. Try these out for yourself or bring the family along with you.

Pfälzer Höhenweg

Located 30 minutes from Kaiserslautern, the town of Wolfstein is the start or end point of the Pfälzer Höhenweg trail. Plan to spend most of the day here since this trail is 100 kilometers long. You will be taken through forest areas, with hills overlooking Wolfstein and the Alt-Wolfstein and Neu-Wolfstein castles. There are hotels surrounding this trail, in case you want to stay the night after hiking all day.

Trifelsland Pfälzerwald

Trifelsland is 45 minutes from the Kaiserslautern area and offers a variety of trails for you to choose from. Guided hikes are available for those who want a toured experience, but you should book in advance. Tour guides recommend going between May and October for the most beautiful scenery.

Don’t want to hike on the guided tours? Start wherever you’d like. There are valleys, castle ruins and a southern wine route throughout the hills. Trifelsland also has rest stops and cafés along the way. If you want to do more than hiking, Trifeland offers swimming, archery, biking, tennis, horseback riding, motorycyle riding, paragliding and more.

Wild und Wanderpark

The Wild und Wanderpark is a nature park about 45 minutes from Kaiserslautern. The park is not only perfect for hiking, but also for seeing goats, horses, foxes, ferrets, wolves and more. Hiking courses range from 45 minutes to two hours. If you think you’ll work up an appetite, reserve the park’s BBQ hut, and bring your food, charcoal and lighters for a cookout.

Pfälzer Waldpfad – The Complete Trail

The complete trail of the Pfälzer Waldpfad is 140 kilometers long. It is broken down into nine stages. The 16 kilometer-long stage one starts in Kaiserslautern and takes you to the Humsberg Tower and through the Moosalbe Valley. You will pass by small rivers and lakes, thick forest paths, valleys, castle ruins and high views overlooking the town. Since the complete trail is so long, it can be broken up into multiple days or trips. There are rest stops and cafés along the entire trail for breaks.

Südwestpfalz Pfälzerwald – Nordvogesen Wanderarena

Südwestpfalz Pfälzerwald is about an hour from the KMC. Whether you want to spend a few hours, all day, or stay overnight, the Südwestpfalz Wanderarena has you covered. Guided tours are also offered here. You can hike trails among monumental red sandstone formations, castle ruins, forests and more.

Now that you know some of the best trails in the area, get hiking!

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